LG V10 vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus video stabilization comparison

LG V10 vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus video stabilization comparison

Both LG V10 and the iPhone 6s Plus carry the best cameras in the smartphone market. With super sharp 4K resolution, optical stabilization and other software tricks the V10 and iPhone 6s Plus claims the finest camera capabilities. However, with common features to display both devices makers have their own approach to the video stabilization. Let’s compare the 4K video stabilization concept of LG and Apple.

LG V10

The LG V10 carries the OIS 2.0 for video stabilization feature. The OIS 2.0 is an improved version of LG Optical Stabilization System which is used on the older LG devices. The same version of its stabilization system is used on the LG G4 while the LG G3 is equipped with the OIS+.

The upgraded OIS 2.0 on the LG V10 comes with a number of additional possibilities over the OIS+. On the OIS+ the camera results are stabilized over the X and Y axes while on the new OIS 2.0 version Z-axis is also included. With stabilization functions from three dimensions the LG G10 gives you better stabilization on abrupt movements.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

As compared with the LG V10, the Apple optical stabilization system on the iPhone 6s Plus is based on the device software which adds stabilization on the final video. Keeping technical details aside which shows the LG V10 more complicated the actual results can only decide that which one of either devices record videos with better stabilization.

A video made by PhoneArena shows the recording from both LG V10 and iPhone 6s Plus can help us gauging the actual stabilization effects. Taking the video into account, we can find the video recorded on the iPhone 6s Plus much smoother against the video recorded on the LG V10. The shakes by simply walking are noticeable on the LG V10 video while the iPhone 6s Plus video seems stabilized through the video.

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