LG V10 : All You want to know about

LG V10 : All You want to know about

Back in March LG was announcing its high end smartphone in making. But without any significant details it had been a secret for about half a year. Not anymore, now we have details about a 5.7inch phablet with high end and powerful specs inside, the LG V10.

Besides the LG G4 which has been discussed much the V10 comes with exceptional arrangement of specs. The 5.7inch display makes it perfect among phablets with HD resolution. While under the core Snapdragon 808 is ready to boast its performance with 4GB RAM. You will get many things doubled on the V10. Let’s have a detailed look into its each feature.

LG V10 has Dual Display

lg-v10 has dual display

LG seems to be adopting Samsung’s concept of auxiliary display in its V10. As we have noticed in Note Edge, two potions of display work separately. On LG V10 the feature seems more radical as it operates completely separate from the primary display. As we mentioned the primary display is 5.7 inch while the secondary one is a 2.1inch IPS.

LG V10 has Dual front cameras

With dual display there is another feature doubled. It is the camera on front. Yes, they are two but made to work alongside for perfect selfies. It looks like LG wants you to get rid of selfie sticks. With the certain camera arrangement on front you can capture 120 degree wide selfies on the LG V10.

LG-V10 comes with dual camera on front

The Fingerprint scanner is much improved in LG V10

Fingerprint scanner has been widely adopted in the smartphones. But LG remained on back foot in this regard. As we have seen since the iPhone 5S the finger print scanner remains attached with iPhones. It is not a bad thing adopting a successful feature that adds a number of options to the devices.

Stainless Steel Frame

With fingerprint scanner the V10 also showed a degree of adaptation on device outlook. We have seen past LG device with plastic build while competing devices got success with Stainless steel. Following the market trends LG finally brought its V10 with metallic frame. This is however not completely metallic with 316L stainless steel but give you the perfect looks.

LG V10 has powerful Memory to support powerful CPU

Among the striking additions, the LG V10 comes with huge 4GB RAM. LG again for the first time seems crossing processing power limits. Chipset you can find on the V10 is Snapdragon 808. With this CPU you will get the ultimate internal power of a phablet. 4GB is really great on charts and even greater when experience in use.

64GB built-in storage

LG-V10 side by side

It is awesome inside, not only with 4GB RAM but also with huge 64GB internal storage. Though it is good to have more space in internal storage but some also asks for lower storage. For such users there is disappointing news as LG has decided only 64GB excluding 16GB and 32GB. And it doesn’t stop to 64 GB you can get more storage viva external storage card.

Removable battery and External Storage

With external storage card enabled it shows open-ended approach. Therefore, you can also remove and replace its battery. Non-Removable battery has been trending in many smartphones for various reasons. But LG says it is okay if you want to replace a damaged or poor performing battery with a better one.

LG V10 is available in 4 colors

Manual mode in video

LG showed improvements in camera expertise in its previous devices. Therefore with huge improvements on other areas we also expect the V10 with exceptional camera powers. Like still images now you can set manual setting for videos. Thus LG allows you to make videos the way you like.

LG V10 comes in 5 colors

Finally not to miss LG’s colorful concept. The V10 is going to land with colorful looks. It has opted 5 colors including casual black, white, Beige and two variants of Blue.

LG V10 side by side

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