Microsoft Lumia 950: All You Want to Know

Microsoft Lumia 950: All You Want to Know

Following Samsung and Apple, Microsoft has finally unveiled its much awaited Lumia 950 along with Lumia 950 XL and other products at its media event in New York. Before the event many eyes were set on its upcoming devices. And, as the event unveiled, Microsoft is not to disappoint its expected customers. Among its many products the Microsoft Lumia 950 and its larger Lumia 950XL remained the center of attention.

Both the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL carry many features common with some key areas differing. These make both worth discussing separately. First we will have our hands on the premier, the Lumia 950.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Design and Specifications

Unlike the internal features, from outside it is still the same Lumia design concept of some polished looks. Considering its body and rounded corners we find commonalities with older Lumia 640. It case is removable and therefore not restricting you for many things. However, there is nothing premium and you will carry just another Lumia if you are particular with design.

Microsoft Lumia 950 in black color

Though its specs and other features are high but the design concept doesn’t seem working at the same level. Similar powers you may get on some other devices with stylish and premium looks. Even some other Lumia devices feature a more stylish outlook.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Display

After a not-so-special design concept, the display on the Lumia 950 comes to be an area restoring our confidence. The 5.2inch display on the Lumia 950 is AMOLED type with resolution of 1440x2560pixels. This level of display brings it among company’s QHD line of smartphones. The impressive display shows more live tiles with impressive effects on screen.

Microsoft Lumia 950 display

Its high resolution and display type makes it displaying sharp results in even low lights. It was witnessed at Microsoft’s event where it was showed off in relatively low light scenario. The AMOLED type also supports lesser battery consumption against LCDs.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Interface – One of the first phones to get Windows 10

The Lumia 950 and its larger sibling Lumia 950 XL are first two devices which carry the Windows 10 pre-loaded. Thus with own reasons both devices also claim a following of Windows Phone OS lovers. Thus many would like to take a test of Windows 10 with new Lumia 950.


Windows 10 brings many new features over preceding upgraded Windows 8.1. Microsoft has introduced changes in the layout and various operations of new Windows Phone version. It features better connectivity and improved working with Windows 10 PCs. Many of its features will give you a test of desktop over you smartphone.

Processor and Memory of the Lumia 950

You may not find it the most powerful among competitors but still it’s worth appreciating. Under the hood the Lumia 950 is powered with Snapdragon 808 SoC supporting hexa-core CPU. The 3GB RAM takes the processing speed up to the mark with hexa-core processor. This level of specs was already expected and reported by many before they got official.

Microsoft Lumia 950 has powerful camera

The storage option internally is kept to 32GB but not to worry as it allows external storage support. The SD card can be mounted on back with a level of storage you may require for your use. Its spaces join to make it smooth running and powerful, particularly for 3D gaming.

Microsoft Lumia 950 comes with 20 MP Camera

Finally we have another well focused area to wind up with Lumia 950. Like earlier devices of its family it carries some nice features in this area. The camera lens on Lumia 950 comes with whopping 20megapixels on rear. It is backed with 1/2.4” sensor and aperture lens of f/1.9.

Microsoft Lumia 950 camera lens

On its rear camera Microsoft has added not one but three LED fleshes. This means bright and details snaps even in low light. Not to forget there is also a 5megapixel camera on front. This is not as big as rear but we can put it in standard with other supports.

While these were some of the basic details about the Microsoft Lumia 950. One can only talk in details about the latest Lumia 950 series once the phones hit the stores. Microsoft has high expectations with the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL and time will test if the new Lumia series will add any value to the Microsoft in the Mobile business.

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