Monument Valley (for Android)

Monument Valley (for Android)

Here you go with another amazing game for your Android:


The Game & Play Store:

Monument Valley is a very exciting yet an interesting puzzle game, which has tremendous colours and striking 3D visuals to make you feel it as if it is a reality. The game is available in Google Play Store for $3.99. Monument Valley being an amazing puzzle game where you play as a little princess, named “Princess Ida” with a pointy hat who is off on a mysterious quest through a bizarre and ancient landscape. The game is based on absolutely terrific and mind-blowing geometry.

Your Controls:

You get to rotate and extend to other parts of the map to get through the next door and aiming for the podium at the end of all the ten levels you will be playing. The controls are designed to give a fantasy touch to the player while not being nerve-wrecking irritating you with your hand-eye coordination. You have certain objects which are moveable also, to indicate that you can move those objects you’ll find small circular handles.The controls are simple; all you need to do is tap where you want the princess to go and she answers your command.

Interesting already? Isn’t it?

The Game Play:

Coming back to the game; along your way while playing this exciting game you will have to face the black beaked wild creatures, the evil Rooks who will block your way and whom will have to trap within the impossible shapes in order to progress. In the game of unexpected creatures design to amuse you and make it more interesting you will meet a few other characters i.e. ‘Totem’, an old friend who helps you reach the high ledges and elf spirits who will question your aims and give a subtle yet heartwarming plot. The game has a bit complex levels to keep you indulged with the soothing play backed sound and a spooky storyline.


Monument Valley is a beauty among the well-known puzzles themselves, where you have great controls to navigate your character. It has several rules: firstly; there isn’t any such move or attempt while solving the puzzle that takes you to dead end. Simply meaning, there isn’t any “Game Over!” situations to sadden you. Secondly; each chapter (i.e. the game being divided into 10chapters) introduces little concepts, polishes your mind and then it is over in about 20minutes. This prevents the concepts from being doubled and confusing you in any case and the best part; you never feel the game being repeated, while not being so context-driven that you cannot finish a chapter in a session which would lead the game overstaying its welcome in a mobile environment.

The game is designed straight and has narrow paths you go through whilst playing it. As soon as you reach the end of the path, the game prompts you to tap and hold on the gear. Once you do that, you can rotate the connecting piece of the stage and by doing so it will open up different ways to explore the area. As you rotate the block, a part of the level separates from one part and connects to another, hence creating a new path and then you can walk through it and get to the next level of the chapter. The style of the gameplay is peculiar and is resonant of Fez, Sworcery,  Sword and more.

The Art-Style:

The Monument Valley has induced the beautiful art of M.C. Escher, Japanese woodblock prints and the spiritual temple architecture from around the world. The game has pleasant music to the best sound effects that are timed just the very appropriate, that shows the developers kept in mind all age humans to provide the best entertainment. As a result the 3D visuals in the game are worth spending your free time playing it and enjoying to the very best.


The art defined here is very different from all other puzzle games and the realistic style graphics we see in our PC games and consoles. There are many games available in Google Play Store for Androids that have other style in their game but Monument Valley has simplistic and minimalistic art style which is very different from other puzzle games. It being one of the peculiar mind chicane games that all age humans enjoy it.


Monument Valley being a game that successfully and proudly won a number of accolades and honors in the year 2014; the year it was launched. The game has been updated since it was first out with its first update was by the name of “Ida’s Dream”. The game was named as a finalist for Innovation Award, Best Visual Art, and Best Handhold/Mobile Game for the 2015 Game Developers Choice Awards, and was an honorable mention for Best Design.

Woah? I know you must be wondering why the game received the awards?  Play it! You’ll get to know soon.




Monument Valley is an amazing puzzle game that absorbs your thoughts to your soul in it which looks and sound the very best. The levels designed have very different works of art and the eerie storyline knot the game together beautifully.

The game is very entertaining for all age humans and would make a great game for a child or even an adult to share.

The only problem is that ‘The Forgotten Shores add-on is an improvement but you will have to pay for it. You will just have to buy it once and then the enjoyment continues.

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