Samsung Fast Charge for faster wireless charging

Samsung Fast Charge for faster wireless charging

Samsung has been quoted bringing its wireless charging for quite a long time. The Samsung Fast Charge as it is dubbed is made to revolutionize the concept of recharging smart devices. Earlier the company announced a wireless charging built-in into the Galaxy S6. But even more eye catching has been the inclusion of new concept into the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+.

The announcement of wireless charging on new Samsung device was followed well by smartphone enthusiasts. But carrying their device with wireless charging support but without an efficient wireless charger was something disappointing. To fill the gap Samsung came up with its own wireless charging pad and has named it Samsung Fast Charge. The Fast Charge is made stylish, portable and efficient in performance to support the new concept at best.

Samsung Fast Charge QI Wireless chargepad

Samsung’s new Fast Charge is made with looks and feels that were announced with Galaxy S6. But now Samsung reveals more features and powers in its Fast Charge. The wireless charger comes with additional powers that can charge new Samsung devices quicker than the conventional charging.

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The design is good with old flying saucer shape which holds your device on top to look like floating on table. You can find the Samsung logo circled by rubber strip that helps holing the device. The circular rubber strip was missing in the prior model. Similar rubber strip is also present at bottom to keep it from sliding on table. You can buy the Samsung Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Pad from Amazon.


Design upgrade is evident on the new wireless charging pad but its main area lies in fast charging. As we have mentioned in intro the decision to bring a native wireless charger was based on fast charging. It can charge Samsung devices a considerably faster than any other wireless charger present so far. For instance, it is found charging Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ in just an hour and half.

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