Samsung Galaxy A8 battery life test shows good battery life but slow recharging

Samsung Galaxy A8 battery life test shows good battery life but slow recharging

Samsung added the nice Galaxy A series into its famous smartphones with light, thin and attractive design concept. Among the devices of the series the Galaxy A8 seems to be a large and extra addition. With a large 5.7inch phablet display and 5.9mm thickness the Galaxy A8 truly reflect Samsung’s concept with its A series devices. Additional looks are included with a metallic finish that simply increases its impression.
Slimness has its own advantages but we don’t see mostly devices with such degree of slimness. This is mostly because of features and specs. Slimness means sacrifices in certain important areas. For instance a slimmer device will hold a smaller battery. This is what we are concerned with the new Galaxy A8. Let’s have a detailed look and a brief assessment of Galaxy A8’s battery power.

The slim body of Samsung Galaxy A8 carries a 3050mAh battery behind its back cover. The battery is a non-removable to match the slim design concept. As you can’t replace it therefore what we need is long running battery without complaints. Officially Samsung claims a 12.7-day standby which with a single charging. This is quite rough and need some capability test for a concert assessment.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Battery Life test results

Here we have results of a custom test with its battery while performing various battery consuming tasks. With a display collaboration of a complete white background we have first results. It gives a good performance with almost 9 hours run time with 200 nits. The results are not best but with AMOLED display timing will improve as per usage.

The test was carried out for intensive usage while for day to day use it can run one and half day without recharge. Samsung has also improved its battery saving capabilities to support battery performance. It’s charging is also slow that takes about two and half hour.

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