Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features & all other details you want to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features & all other details you want to know

Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on August 13 2015 just before a month we are expecting the release of iPhone 6S. The fresh released Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features a slim and sleek look with the utmost specifications of a demanding phablet. But it seems odd when compared to the past devices of the same lineup here we go into some details.

The point preserved by Samsung in the release of Galaxy Note 5 is the premium outlook. The metal glass exterior was kept on both Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ which was presented alongside. With premium look attractive color options and well crafted round edges makes the devices too high in style.

Alongside other notable Galaxy Note 5 features included are also some decrements when compared to Galaxy Note 4. The Galaxy Note 5 comes without IT blaster, external storage slot and removable battery. Though it is not the first device to get the particular treatment but the points seems to matter here. After the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge it was much expected in the upcoming device of Galaxy Note lineup. However there is too much to talk about in the new Galaxy Note 5. The more we learn about the features and specs of Galaxy Note 5, the more we realize that Samsung is on one hand degrading the specs but still the low graded hardware is performing better as compared to older devices with high specs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features

All the best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features

Premium look with metal-glass makes Galaxy Note 5 shine in the competition

The design concept on the Galaxy Note 4 was not any disappointing but it doesn’t limit the shine anyways. Despite the already premium look on the preceding Note Model brought some extra shiny outlook on the Note 5. Thus on the new Galaxy Note 5 you the concept of Metal and Glass give make you feel the Note with some extra passion and arrogance.

Powerful specs and great results

What you look in the Samsung devices after their premium look in the promising performance. The Galaxy Note 5 comes with the same upgraded specs inside that make it a monster device. Exynos SoC was will tested on the Galaxy S6 devices which stand with all its powers in the Note 5. Furthermore the 4GB RAM and upgraded UFS technology makes it super fast. You may not feel its missing external storage with the UFS 2.0.

Refreshed experience with Fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanner feature initially seem to fail bringing value to earlier Note device. But with the Note 5 it seems to do things in a little improved way. Not only are the responses improved but also you can swipe across. Though it is improved over the Note 4 sensor but remains the same as it is there on the S6 and S6 edge.

New TouchWiz

Samsung’s new experience with TouchWiz is all there to be explored in the Note 5. The certain changes in the Samsung UI makes the Note 5 lighter more friendly to use. Many of the useless tweaks are not anymore included to irritate you with the default UI.

Galaxy Note 5 feautres a New-TouchWiz

The new S Pen with Galaxy Note 5

The design shift also extended to the S Pen with all shiny and metallic looks. The metallic cover and shiny tips give it looks of real fancy writing pen. Also the way you pull out the S Pen is changed as now you can take it out thru click-in. It feels nice but hopefully will last longer.

Beyond the looks the writing features of the S Pen are also enhanced. The new featured added into the S Pen enable it to perform some nice and noteworthy tasks. For instance now you write using the Pen with the screen of your Note 5 off. Also it offers real time signatures on PDF files.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features a new S Pen

Wireless Charging

As we discussed above the Note 5 is made with a non-removable battery. The battery is also smaller than the battery of its predecessor. But at this point Samsung has included the wireless charging feature. It makes it easy to charge the device thus you may not complain about small battery capacity.

Samsung Pay

Finally we have the Samsung Pay in the line with the mobile payment services of other key competitors. And the Galaxy Note 5 brings the service as one of its key features over the preceding devices of its lineup. It is good to test the capabilities of Samsung in the field over the Galaxy Note 5. The service is also announced for the Galaxy S6 devices.

Samsung Pay how does it work

With these above mentioned Galaxy Note 5 features, there are a lot more hidden in this high end phablet by Samsung. Only the time will tell if the Early release of Galaxy Note 5 before the upcoming iPhone 6S will help Samsung or not. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.