Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Features, Hands On Review and Everything you want to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Features, Hands On Review and Everything you want to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officialy dead, costing some $21 Billions to Samsung. Find the further detail and an indepth Infographic by Repairly, which explains the disaster, in the last section.

Samsung  has officially unveiled its latest smartphone the highly awaited Galaxy Note 7.

And Where is Galaxy Note 6? Well, there will be no Galaxy Note 6 for some obvious reasons!.

Most of the rumors and leaks about the upcoming Galaxy Note series phone have proven to be true. The Galaxy Note 7 is Samsung’s latest stylus-equipped flagship smartphone along with a stylish curved edge display similar to that of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Galaxy Note 7 comes with some pretty high-end features and a stylish display. The device also features premium materials in the build. Some claim that the Galaxy Note 7 is just a hyped up Galaxy S7 Edge with a stylus but we are hoping that there is more to the device than just that.

Galaxy Note 7

The latest Galaxy Note iteration was named Galaxy Note 7 instead of Note 6 to keep up with Samsung’s S7 flagship series. The Korean manufacturer had concerns that by naming the upcoming model Note 6 some people might mistake it to be a generation behind the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Note 7 is expected to be priced higher than the Galaxy S7 Edge and the previous Note models. Samsung has blended a lot of features of the previous Note iteration with that of S7 Edge to create the Note 7 .

The latest smartphone has a curved back to make it comfortable to hold in hand. The Galaxy Note 7 is 5.7 inch and it is water resistant. Samsung has made the S Pen that comes with the device water resistant as well. The tech giant claims that the Galaxy Note 7 is the ultimate entertainment device and its highly advanced mobile image processing engine takes the image quality to the next level.


Galaxy Note 7 Unboxing:

Now that the Galaxy Note 7 has been officially unveiled tech enthusiasts and reviewers have gotten their hands on the device. By the looks of it, there aren’t a lot of unique features in the device. Nonetheless, the Galaxy Note 7 is an impressive smartphone.

Most of the rumors that were circulating about the device like the curved edge screen and the iris scanner appear to be true. Samsung created a live stream of the official Unpacked event of the Galaxy Note 7.  Below is the video of the event if you want to have a look.

T-Mobile is known for creating weird unboxing videos while pulling some funny stunts. A while back when the LG G5 was unveiled T-Mobile made the Fastest Unboxing video of the LG G5 while driven around in a rally car.

Now the company has done something similar with the Samsung Note 7. Below is an unboxing of the new Note 7 by T-Mobile in which Des unboxes the smartphone while water sliding.  The video is supposed to promote the Galaxy Note 7 and S Pen’s waterproofing feature. Have a look below…


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specifications:


Release DateAugust 2016
OSAndroid 6.0.1 Marshmallow (Upgradeable to Android 7)
Dimensions6.04 x 2.91 x 0.31 in (153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm)
Weight169 g
SIM CardNano SIM (Single SIM with dual standby)
Display5.7 in Super AMOLED display with 1440 x 2560 pixels
ProcessorExynos 8890 chipset (Quad-core 2.3 GHz Mongoose + quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53)
Memory64GB with 4GB RAM (Ext. memory card supported)
Camera12 MP back & 5 MP front camera with OIS and Auto HDR Support
BatteryLi-Po 3500 mAh battery (Non-removable)
Other FeaturesIris Scanner
Corning Gorilla Glass 5
USB Type-C Connector
IP68 certified (dust & water resistant)
S-Pen Stylus


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features:

The highly anticipated Note 7 comes with a bunch of new features and plenty of improved old ones. Breaking down some of the individual pieces of the Note 7, there are a few things which stand out. The iris scanner, curve edge, and waterproofing is considerably few of the most notable new features in the Note series.



The latest Note iteration is only available in the curved Edge version. This design feature makes the device slimmer and comfortable to hold. There are quite a few other unique features in the Galaxy Note 7 as well. We are going to discuss all of the interesting ones below.

Slimmer Design:

The new Galaxy Note 7 features a sleek design. The latest Note iteration is the slimmest Galaxy Note ever. The sleek and compact design of the smartphone makes it easier and more comfortable to hold in hand. The slimmer design is even more important for a device of this size.


Galaxy Note 7 Slim


The phablet features a 5.7-inch Dual Edge display. It is also the second lightest member of the Samsung Galaxy Note series; at 169 grams it feels light for a phablet with a premium metal chassis. For comparison: the largest iPhone, the 6s Plus, weighs 192g and the smaller iPhone 6S weighs 143g.

Flexible Curved Display:

Curved or Edge display has become an icon for Samsung Galaxy series. The Galaxy Note 7 features a dual curved Edge display. For flat screen fans out there, there is some bad news as the phablet will only be available in the flexible curved edge version.

Galaxy Note 7 curve

The curved Edge of the Galaxy Note 7 leaves a little less canvas to swirl you S Pen . However, the smartphone has a beautiful design and the curved edge makes it easier to hold than any other 5.7-inch display smartphone.

Furthermore, the curved edge design gives the smartphone a very sleek appearance. So if we are being honest what’s not to love in the Galaxy Note 7’s design?

Iris Scanner:

Undoubtedly one of the most notable unique features of the Galaxy Note 7 is the new iris scanner. On the left of the phablet’s earpiece, we have the usual set of sensors a front-facing cam, light sensors, proximity sensors, and just beside them an iris scanner. It adds an extra layer of biometric security to your phablet.


Galaxy Note 7 Iris


The iris scanner in Galaxy Note 7 uses two definite pieces of hardware. First one is a specialized camera, which is separate from the front-facing selfie camera, the second is an infrared light located to the left of it.

When the phone wants to recognize your irises (and yes, it prefers to see both eyes), the infrared light shines into your eyes and the camera reads the pattern of your irises.

The light that the sensor uses is infrared and that is why it is invisible to the naked eye so users can’t actually perceive it as they are looking at it. The infrared light is similar to the laser autofocus used in cameras and also gives the camera a better ability to see your eyes in a variety of situations.

It is also the fastest and most precise iris scanning technology currently available in the market. The iris scanner is set up to work through glasses as well so you don’t need to take off your spectacles for the scanner to get a reading.

Waterproof Chassis:

The Galaxy  Note 7  is the very first Galaxy Note with waterproofing. The smartphone has a waterproof rating of IP68. A lot of users will be highly enthusiastic about this feature because it means that you can easily use your smartphone while in the pool or if it is raining.




According to experts, the IP68 rating means that the Note 7 can be safely submerged in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The 6 in the IP68 is the rating for dust resistance and considers as a very good rating. Practically it means that if you are on the beach and you drop your smartphone in the sand then your device will not take in any dust or sand in the chassis.

The 8 in the IP68 is for water resistance. This number indicates how much water the phablet can handle and for how long. The 8 indicates the Galaxy Note 7 can be submerged into water up to 5 feet for nearly 30 minutes. However, chances are that you won’t need your device to stand such a depth on the regular basis and it is best to not push it too far and still try to keep you Galaxy Note 7 safe from too much water exposure just in case.

New S Pen Interface:

The Galaxy Note 7 is going to feature a brand new TouchWiz interface. The new interface is dubbed as Note UX (Project Grace). Note UX is similar to the previous interface on the base level. However, the icons have been smoothed out and made more consistent. Aside from that, there are also a few other changes including  unifying the Action Memo of S Note into one app called simply Notes, along with the addition of a blue light filter in the status bar toggles.

Moreover, the S Pen tip is now smaller. It has been resized to 0.7mm and supports approximately 4000 pressure points. The S Pen is also color-coordinated to match all hues, down to the stylus top which is flush with the respective side coloring. The S-Pen has also learned a bunch of new tricks like screen magnification or direct phrase translation while using it.

USB-C Port:

Last year when the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge was released there was a lot of speculation that the smartphone will be equipped with a USB-C Port . When the devices were unveiled, USB-C Port was  nowhere to be seen which disappointed a lot of people. However, there is good news because now the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 7 has confirmed that the phablet will finally feature a USB-C Port.


USB Type-C


In the transition, Samsung has kept its “Fast Charge” technology available, which lets you quickly charge up the battery with compatible chargers (including Quick Charge 2.0 devices).

With the transition to the new port, the tech giant is trying to ease the pain of the transition by including a Micro-USB to USB-C adapter in the box with every phone as well. With the USB-C Port Samsung looks forward to years of interoperability with new accessories, cables, and chargers — including refreshes of its own accessories to include USB-C cables or adapters.

The one big change that was the result of this transition was the refresh of Gear VR. Samsung’s smartphone powered virtual reality headset now comes with plugs that can be used with both USB-C and Micro-USB smartphones. The latest iteration of the Gear VR also offers a USB-C charging plugs for when users need to charge their headsets while using it.

Color Scheme:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be available in an exciting new color, that is coral blue. The shade is similar to light blue and quite unique and attractive. It sounds a bit vain but a lot of fans out there are pretty excited about the color.

And let’s be honest sometimes the traditional black, white, and silver finishes can get boring. The pleasant color scheme also comes with a matching S Pen. Have a look at the coral blue version of the Note 7 in the image below.

Color Scheme

Gorilla Glass 5:

We all know how expensive it can be to replace a display screen on an average smartphone. Just imagine how expensive it will actually be to replace the 5.7-inch Quad HD Dual edge Super AMOLED flexible panel of the Galaxy Note 7 in the unfortunate incident that you break it. So Samsung has made extensive efforts to make sure it doesn’t happen.

The Note 7 is the first ever smartphone to feature the new and improved Gorilla Glass 5. The latest iteration of the toughened screen is said to withstand an impressive amount of damage. Hopefully, the glass will be tough to shatter or scratch.

Galaxy Note 7 Accessories:

Samsung has announced a whole bunch of new and interesting accessories for its latest Galaxy Note 7. One of the notable ones is the S-View standing cover. S-View is a light and portable cover that can be used as a stand for the Note 7. The cover can stand at a 60-degree angle for easy viewing of content.




Aside from that, there are also camera lenses and a water resistant battery pack with an IP68 rating for when you need to charge your smartphone on the go.

64 GB Storage and Memory card support:

One of the most captivating hardware features of the Note 7 is that it comes with 64 GB of internal memory. The Note 7 is the first in the series to feature that much storage capacity. Aside from that, the smartphone supports storage expansion of up to 256 GB via memory card. These two features  are what make the relatively high price of the device understandable.

Note 7 can make GIFs out of anything:

GIFs are really popular these days. However, making them is hard unless you have a lot of time on your hands. The latest Galaxy Note 7 is going to change that. It appears that the device is capable of generating GIFs from just about anything. This feature might not be a big deal to many but it sure is an interesting one.

Galaxy Note 7 Hands On:

The last year’s iteration of the Galaxy Note series was overlooked because Samsung directed its focus on the Samsung Galaxy S6.  So much so that the Note 5 wasn’t even available in Europe. Thankfully this year things are different. The Korean manufacturer has put it a lot of efforts to make the next Galaxy Note 7 better and stronger than ever.

Features like iris scanner, double edge design, and IP68 waterproofing are what makes this phablet stand out. Below is a hands-on video if the upcoming Galaxy Note 7.



The latest Galaxy Note 7 is a multifaceted system supported by three core pillars – gaming, business, and multimedia. On the business side of things, the tech giant has improved the S Pen with a new specially designed interface. When it come to security the iris scanner combines KNOW and Samsung Pay to secure your data and your money better than ever.

The tech giant wants Note 7 to be an all-rounder. When it comes to gaming the company has worked tirelessly to make the Galaxy Note 7 a strong contender in the VR Gaming industry when paired with the Samsung Gear VR. The smartphone now supports the new Vulkan API, which is just starting to gain ground with PC games.

Galaxy Note 7 multimedia

The Note 7 is meant to be an entertainment device as well. The smartphone is a media creation and consumption nexus also. It can easily play HDR videos and with Gear 360 the phablet is capable of recording VR-ready panoramas too.


The Galaxy Note 7 features a 5.7-inch double edge curved screen for better grip and design. The Note 7 is only available in curved edge version.  The 5.7-inch display is Super AMOLED and the curved design makes the device 2.5mm narrower than last year’s Note 5.

The design of the device has been made even more ergonomic by reduced thickness and weight. The Note 7 will be available in a unique Blue Coral color. Other color options include Black Onyx, Silver Titanium, and Gold Platinum. Furthermore, the materials used in the Note 7 are as premium as ever. The device will also feature the all new Gorilla Glass 5 for its display screen.

Other hardware features of the Note 7 include IP68 water-resistance and an iris scanner. The Note 7 also comes with the ability to be used with the S Pen in water. This means you can easily use your smartphone while underwater or even when it is raining.


The Samsung Galaxy N0te 7 comes with a 3,500 mAh battery. Surprisingly the battery capacity of the new Note is less than that of the Galaxy S7 Edge (3,600 mAh). However, the difference isn’t a lot so we can say that the Galaxy Note 7 has a substantial battery life.Note 7 battery

Samsung has also redesigned the power saving mode in the Galaxy Note 7. The regular Ultra power saving options are now gone and replaced by Medium and Max power saving modes. All battery saving modes are fully customizable and are capable of limiting the screen’s brightness, change the display’s resolution, stop background data, and limit the chipset.

The S Pen:

The most defining feature of the Galaxy Note series is undoubtedly the S Pen. However, it has taken some time for Samsung to work out all the kinks in its design. It seems though that the manufacturer has significantly improved the S Pen this time around.

Now if you insert the stylus backward in the pen slot of the Galaxy Note 7 the device will not be damaged. Moreover, the tip of the S-Pen itself has been made even finer for higher precision writing and the button has been moved up slightly to prevent accidental clicks.

S pen


The top part of the S Pen clicks like a normal pen. The purpose of it is to extend the top which would allow you to pull out the stylus from you smartphone. Similarly with the Note 5 if you take out the S Pen before unlocking the device, the note taking tool opens up automatically to save you the time.

You can also pin a note onto the Always on-screen so it stays on after putting the S-pen away, this feature is great for shopping lists or other reminders. You can now erase things on the screen-off memo by simply holding the button down while scratching unwanted marks. The new stylus and digitizer can distinguish up to 4096 levels of pressure, double the sensitivity level of its predecessor.

The S Pen is also designed to help your reading comprehension. You can translate any word just by pointing at it with you stylus. The S Pen is also capable of magnifying small text.

Security Features:

The Galaxy Note 7 is equipped with both a fingerprint scanner and an iris scanner. So you can decide which biometric sensor to use for security, or you can use neither if you like to live dangerously. Both sensors rely on passcode as a fallback option.

The iris scanner is ultimately considered more reliable than the fingerprint scanner and is less likely to fail at recognition. Moreover, the technology used in the sensors is the latest and the best. The scanner is also integrated to Samsung Pass. It is a feature that allows third party application and services to use the smartphone’s advanced authentication features.

Galaxy Note 7 also features a  Secure folder, where you can lock up sensitive files and applications. Knox Workspace will keep your work apps secure and separate from your personal apps and info and vice versa.


The Note 7 is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow which has been modified by Samsung to include a few nifty features. The smartphone’s notification area has been redesigned and also the quick toggles. A search bar is now situated below the quick toggles. The toggles themselves have two new additions i.e. sleep friendly and Blue light filter.

The Galaxy Note 7 has HDR video support which will allow you to view high-end HDR video. It is similar to the ones seen on high-level 4K TVs and Galaxy Note 7 is Samsung’s first device to support this feature. HDR video quadruples the number of shades displayed. This, in turn, prevents color banding in gradients and enable high-contrast scenes.

The tech giant has brought back the Always on-screen feature to the Note 7 as well thanks to the S Pen. This feature allows you to scribble notes that will always be visible on the display screen even when the device is locked.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features the same 12 MP camera as the Samsung Galaxy S7. Which means that the Note 7 is equipped with an amazing dual-pixel autofocus tech, great image quality, and 2160p video recording. The front camera is also the same 5MP shooter.




The Korean manufacturer has also made changes to the camera’s UI. The device now makes better use of the swipe gestures. You can swipe left/right to change camera mode and up/down to switch between the front and rear camera. Below is a short video sample that was captured by the Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note 7 Vs Galaxy S7 Edge Comparison:

Samsung created the Galaxy Note 7 by combining a lot of features of the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy Note 5. The curved edge design of the Note 7 first debuted in the Galaxy S7 Edge. The S7 Edge and The Note 7 also share the same front and back cameras. Here we are going to compare the two devices to see how they stack up against each other.S7 Edge vs Note7 Specs


The Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge have a lot of features in common. The main design feature that is in both devices is the curved edge design. The Note 7 measures 153.5mm x 73.9mm x 7.9mm and it hits the scales at 169g. While the S7 Edge measures 150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7mm and weighs 157g. The S7 Edge is slighlty lighter, slimmer, and smaller than the Note 7. Both devices come in mettalic builds with Gorilla Glass on the front and back. The Note 7 features the new and improved Gorilla Glass 5 while S7 Edge comes with its predecessor the Gorilla Glass 4 making the Note 7 tougher and more scratch resistant.

The latest iteration of the Note series comes with both an iris scanner and fingerprint sensor are present on the new device, along with a water and dust resistance of IP68 and USB Type-C. The S7 Edge only features a fingerprint scanner. It also has e a water and dust resistance rating of IP68.


Like its predecessors the Note 7 features a 5.7-inch display while S7 Edge feature a 5.5-inch display. Both displays are Super AMOLED with Quad HD resolution. It also comes with the always-on display feature which can also be found on the S7 Edge. However, the Note 7 utilizes it more thanks to the S-Pen. The one main display feature of the Note 7 that is not available in S7 Edge is that it is capable of playing HDR videos.

The S7 Edge is smaller than the Note 7 but both come equipped with the same resolution that means that the S7 Edge offers a slightly higher pixel density than that of the Note 7.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with the same camera and features as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. That means the Note 7 comes with  a 12-megapixel rear camera with Dual Pixel technology, along with a 5-megapixel front camera.

Both the front and rear cameras of the Note 7 and S7 edge have an aperture of f.1/7, helping them in low light conditions. The main camera is capable of 4K video recording and it comes with phase detection auto focus and an LED flash. Auto HDR is present on both the front and the rear cameras. The S7 edge is an excellent performer in terms of camera so we’d expect the same from the Note 7 given it offers identical technology.


The Galaxy Note 7 will be powered by an octa-core Exynos chip or the Qualcomm SD820, depending on the region, and there will be 4GB of RAM supporting the chip. It’s not currently clear what storage options will be available, but microSD expansion is supported.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip, or the Exynos 8890, again depending on the region. The smartphone is equipped with 4GB of RAM and it comes in 32GB and 64GB storage options.

The Note 7 has a little lower battery capacity (3500 mAh) than the S7 Edge (3600 mAh). The Note 7 also features USB Type-C and MicroSD support.


The Galaxy Note 7 comes with Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 out of the box with TouchWiz interface on top. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge also runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0 and again feature TouchWiz on the top. Both devices  have Edge UX, which takes advantage of the curved display, adding a couple of extra features over the Galaxy S7.

Specifications:S7 vs Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 Vs Galaxy Note 5 Comparison:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has inherited many features of its predecessor the Galaxy Note 5. However, the smartphone still has quite a few unique aspects and improvements of its own. Here we are going to put the two devices head to head to help you decide whether or not it is worth it to upgrade to the Galaxy Note 7.

iPhone 6S Plus vs Note7 Specs


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy Note 5 share many of the design features. The Galaxy Note 5 measures 153.2 x 76.2 x 7.6mm and hits the scales at 171g. While the Note 7 measures 153.5mm x 73.9mm x 7.9mm and weighs 169g. The difference in dimensions and weight isn’t much albeit the Note 7 is narrower than the Note 5. The main design difference between the two is Note 7’s curved edge design. The New Note will not be available in a standard version, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The S Pen has also been redesigned and is said to have improved significantly. The other main difference between the two devices are the biometric sensors. The Note 5 only featured a fingerprint scanner but the Note 7 is equipped with both an iris and fingerprint scanner.


The Galaxy Note 5 is equipped with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a 2560×1440 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 515 ppi. The Note 7 also features a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display but with a Quad HD resolution. The pixel density is same on both devices.

While the Note 5 is protected by Gorilla Glass 4, Note 7 is equipped with the new and improved Gorilla Glass 5 for advanced screen protection. The latest iteration of the Note series also features Samsung’s Always-on feature which first debuted in the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Another main difference in the display of Note 5 and Note 7 is that the new Note supports HDR videos. The display screen of the Note 7 is also twice as responsive as that of the Note 5 according to the manufacturer.


The Galaxy Note 5 features a 16 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. Both cameras have an aperture of f/1.9. The rear camera offers auto focus, 8x digital optic zoom and it is capable of 4K video recording. The Galaxy Note 7 on the other hand, has a Dual pixel 12 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. The aperture of both cameras of Note 7 is f/1.7. Like the Note 5,  the rear camera of Note 7 is also capable of 4K video recording. It also has auto HDR and phase detection autofocus.


The Galaxy Note 5 and Note 7 both features the same 4 GB of RAM. The Note 5 is available in 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage models. The Note 7  internal storage options are yet to be revealed by the manufacturer. Among the two devices, only the Note 7 supports microSD expansion.

The Galaxy Note 5 is powered by an octa-core Exynos processor or Qualcomm SD820 chip depending on your region while Note 7 has a quad-core chip under the hood. Note 5 has a battery capacity of 3,000 mAh while Note 7 features 3,220 mAh.


The Galaxy Note 5 was launched on Android Lollipop which has been now updated to Android Marshmallow and the latest Note 7 is expected to arrive with that out of the box. The Note 7 have also been subjected to some differences in the software including the Edge UX which first debuted on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The GUI of the Note 7 is more streamlined than its predecessor and the icons have also been made smoother in the interface. Other changes include the addition of the Samsung Notes app and changes to the Air command feature of the device. The Air Command tool on the Note 7 will now also be used as a live Google Translate Tool,  magnification from 150 per cent to 300 per cent and a function called Smart Select that allows users to create and share a GIF.


iPhone 6S Plus vs Note7 Specs

Galaxy Note 7 Vs iPhone 6S Plus Comparison:

Currently, the two big names in the market are undoubtedly Apple and Samsung. Apple has been the main competitor of Samsung and vice versa for quite some time. Now we are going to pit the Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus against the latest upcoming Galaxy Note 7 to see how they stack up against each other.

iPhone 6S Plus vs Note7


On the basic level both the Galaxy Note 7 and the iPhone 6S Plus, are similar in design. But, the Note 7 has two major design changes over the iPhone 6S Plus. One is the built-in stylus and second the double curved edge display.

The Note 7 measures 153.5mm x 73.9mm x 7.9mm, weighs 169g. It comes with a water and dust resistance rating of IP68. The Note 7 also features two biometric security features i.e. a fingerprint scanner and an iris scanner.

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus also has a beautiful design, featuring a fabulous all metal construction. Measuring 158.1 x 77.9 x 7.3mm and weighing 192g, Apple’s phablet is slimmer than the Note 7 but larger in terms of overall footprint and heavier. The iPhone 6S Plus doesn’t have an iris scanner but it is equipped with a fingerprint sensor on the front in the form of Touch ID.


The Note 7 ha a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED curved edge display with Quad HD display. Moreover, similarly to the previous Note devices  the pixel density of Note 7 is also 515 ppi. One main advantage that the Note 7 has over iPhone 6S Plus is that it supports HDR videos.

The iPhone 6S features a 5.5-inch LCD display. It has a smaller screen compared to the Note 7 despite being larger in dimensions. Furthermore, 6S Plus also has lower resolution and a pixel density of 401 ppi.


The Galaxy Note 7 features the same camera as the Galaxy S7 Edge, a Dual pixel 12 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. The aperture of both cameras of Note 7 is f/1.7. The rear sensor is capable of recording 4K video and there is also phase detection autofocus, auto HDR and optical image stabilization on board. Auto HDR is also available on the front camera.

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus also has a 12 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. The aperture is f/2.2 for both cameras and OIS is on board the rear, while a Retina Flash is featured on the front.


The Galaxy Note 7 features  4 GB of RAM, and supports microSD card, but the internal storage options are yet to be revealed by Samsung. The Note 7 has a quad-core chip under the hood and a battery capacity of 3,220 mAh. It also comes with a USB-C port for faster charging and data transfer.

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus is powered by the Cupertino company’s latest chip – the A9 – with an embedded M9 motion coprocessor. It has 2GB of RAM and it is available in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB internal storage options, it does not support microSD expansion. The battery capacity for the iPhone 6S Plus is 2750mAh, which is quite a bit smaller than the capacity of the Note 7.


The Galaxy Note 7 runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. The iPhone 6S Plus runs on Apple’s iOS 9 software. When it comes to choosing between Android and iOS it is all down to preference.


Note 7 VS iPhone 6s specs

Galaxy Note 7 Prices and Release Date:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now officially available for pre-order at all major U.S. carriers. The pre-orders began on August 3rd and availability of the devices is scheduled for August 19th. Apart from the major carriers several other retailers will also be selling the device. The Galaxy Note 7 will be available at all Samsung Experience Stores, Best Buy stores,,, Car Toys, Sam’s Club, Target and also select Walmart stores.

Where to Buy:

The Galaxy S7 is now available for pre-order at major carriers in the U.S. Below we have listed all the major carriers that are selling the device along with their incentives.


AT&T is now taking pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.The smartphone will be officially available on August 19. As for pricing, you’ve got a few options: 30 payments of $29.34 using AT&T Next or 24 payments of $36.67 for AT&T Next Every Year. Full price is $879.

In addition, AT&T will be offering the following promotions with the Galaxy Note 7:

  • Buy one Galaxy Note 7 and get a $695 in monthly AT&T Next credits to purchase a second
  • Purchase a Galaxy Note 7 and get a free Samsung Gear S2 with 2-year agreement
  • Buy a Galaxy Note 7 and get a Galaxy Tab E for $0.99


T-Mobile is offering the Galaxy Note 7 for $69.99 down and $32.50 for 24 months. Or you can pay a total of $849.99 with no installments. In-store availability will begin on August 19.

For a limited time, T-Mobile is also offering your choice of a gift with the purchase of Note 7:

  • A Gear Fit 2
  • One-year Netflix subscription
  • 256GB SD card


Verizon will begin accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 7 on August 3, and it will arrive in stores on August 19. The pricing breaks down to $36 per month for 24 months or $864 outright — for a limited time you’ll be able to grab the following free accessories:

  • A Gear Fit 2
  • 256GB microSD card


Sprint has also started taking pre-orders for the Note 7.The smartphone is expected to arrive on August 19 similarly to its competitors. If you’re buying outright, it will cost you $849.99. Alternatively, it’s $349.99 on a two-year contract, or $35.42 paying by monthly installments for 24 months.

Sprint is offering a free Gear Fit 2 fitness band or 256GB memory card if you purchase by Aug. 28.

U.S. Cellular:

U.S. Cellular is also accepting pre-orders of the Galaxy Note 7 now, and the availability will begin on August 19. The price of the device is $785 if you are buying it outright. You can also select the $27.80 per month for 30 months option or the $34.75 for 24 months or $41.70 for 20 months option as well.

Similarly to other carriers, U.S. Cellular is also offering the same free accessory deals:

  • A Gear Fit 2
  • 256GB microSD card


For now, Samsung hasn’t announced any plans to sell a U.S. unlocked model of the Galaxy Note 7. The company does sell unlocked versions of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge so it appears that the unlocked model will arrive a little later. For now, you are going to have to either purchase from a carrier or buy an international model and import it to the U.S.

Galaxy Note 7 Game Pack:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the very first smartphone in the world to support Vulkan APIs. The Korean manufacturer has done a brilliant job at fine-tuning its flagship devices for mobile gamers. And now it appears that the company is doing the same thing with the Galaxy Note 7. The latest Note device supports Vulkan APIs as well and that the Galaxy Game Pack is being offered with this handset features four Vulkan API-ready games.

The Galaxy Game Pack is being offered to all the buyers of the Note 7. The Game Pack is a limited time offer and it starts from 20 August all the way up to January 2017.  It includes more than a dozen titles and in-app purchases worth of $400 in the Google Play Store.

Some of the titles included in the Galaxy Game Pack are:  Need for Speed No Limits, Hit, Vainglory, Olympus Rising, Nonstop Knight, Empire: Four Kingdoms, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, MARVEL Contest of Champions, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Hungry Shark World, Angry Birds Pop Bubble Shooter, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Sims City Free Play and Clash of Kings.

The Vulcan API ready titles that are included in the Game Pack are Need for Speed No Limits, Hit, Vainglory, and Olympus Rising.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s glory lies in the S Pen. If you are not a fan of the S Pen then you are better off getting the Galaxy S7 Edge instead. While the Galaxy Note 7 incorporated a lot of features of the Galaxy S7 there are a few unique aspects to the Galaxy Note 7 as well especially when it comes to the S Pen.

Features like the Always on-screen and the new tools in the air command menu are what make the Note 7 and the S-Pen even more powerful. There is also the iris scanner which is expected to be more accurate and reliable than the fingerprint scanner. With Galaxy Note 7 Samsung has also finally made the move to USB-C.

The 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen has a QHD resolution which makes it highly suitable for VR. The curved edge design of the device also makes it more compact and easier to hold. Ultimately the Galaxy Note 7 offers a premium and polished experience.

While the S series of Samsung brought new features into play the Note series perfected them. The success of the Samsung S7 duo is has paved the way for Galaxy Note 7 and by the looks of it, the new Note is going to bring substantial profits to the company.

Unfortunate Demise of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In September 2016, the roll-out of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 hit some bumps in the road. The giant technology brand started to receive some complaints about the latest mobile phone (or ‘phablet’ as some people are calling it). There were reports of the device catching fire and causing damage. After further research, it was apparent that the problem started with the battery overheating problem which caused some devices to catch fire and lead to Note 7 explosions.

In an attempt to minimize the risk to other customers and to protect their brand, Samsung rolled out a software patch to prevent the phone from charging over 60%, which could not solve the problem.

In the end, Samsung asked all of its customers to return their Note 7 in exchange for a full refund or to swap it for another Samsung phone.

This was a not only a PR and marketing nightmare for the Samsung but also a failure of it quality assurance department which cost them billion. This cool infographic by Repairly explains this disaster in details.

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