Samsung Galaxy S6 Active unboxing

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active unboxing

The details of Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Unboxing reveal a not-so-secret device as it seems following key features already experienced in Samsung famous devices. The water resistant capability of the S5 is among the differentiating features of the S6 Active. Along with this there is a smarter design which gives it if not a unique but very improved impression. The Galaxy S6 un-boxing will show you the most of features you may expect.

Considering the At&T exclusive Galaxy S6 Active we find a device build over the pattern of the earlier Galaxy device in featured by the same carrier. Out of box you will find the same materials with S6 Active which were offered in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. However unlike the original S6 devices the S6 Active offers less wonders.

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As you get into the box first of all you will have a glimpse on the handset itself, placed over the formal information literature. Searching it little more, you can find the USB cable alongside the wall charging adapter. Unlike its predecessors, its box doesn’t contain a SIM removal instrument. Though the S6 Active also supports the same nano-SIM but its slot is not that complicated and you can remove the SIM card with single fingernail.

As the Active has been a hot issue among its expected users, it would have been a pleasant experience if the box included some surprises. But the company seems not mentioning this as it kept it quite simple with just essential parts.

The Galaxy S6 is no doubt listed among the high powered devices with some high ranked specs and features. With its smart design concepts you will get not only beauty but also safety features through water and shock resistant capabilities. There are many other features which need to be talked about for more just keep with us. You can read complete Samsung Galaxy S6 specs as well.

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