Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Life Examined

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Life Examined

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has managed to get a lot more attention and it was expected because of its unique dual curves design. But like all other smartphones with nice display, battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a big question. The battery life of Samsung Galaxy S5 was not satisfactory despite having 2800mAh li-on battery. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has 2600 mAh li-on battery and super AMOLED display crispy display. Lets examine the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge battery life in details.

It is difficult for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to survive a whole day on a single charge because of the high resolution and very high processor that is related to the battery fitted inside of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. If you think that’s not good enough than give a thought about Galaxy S6 which has 2550mAh battery which supports high resolution screen and high power as well. While for the Samsung users and non tech-savvy users, the bad news is battery is non remove-able and can not be replaced that easily. We all know that Samsung has good design and just to maintain that it has done some compromise with the battery of Galaxy S6 Edge. It looks phenomenal but well it arise a question will the battery life of the Galaxy S6 Edge would be enough?

There was this whole experiment that was done to check the battery. The usage of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge started around 7 am and it was used whole day just like normally to check the battery. Spotify was used for about one hour or two hour, game was played for about one hour, many messages were send and received with message application, emails were checked and some browsing was done on internet, one phone call was made and few photos were taken from the Galaxy S6 Edge, it was found out that at 10pm Galaxy S6 Edge was just 10% charged. This battery drop was a huge embarrassment when we were looking at it for the whole day.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Charging garph

It is clear as crystal that high resolution screen has a huge effect on battery life. It took 20% of the battery in first two hours of the day in the morning while doing some gaming and by just streaming some music to the Bluetooth headphones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has one good feature that if kept in standby mode it loses very little fraction of its battery life. If Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is left idle on the desk or in the pocket or in the bag normal portion of the battery is left in the evening. While to counter attack this problem Samsung provides with the charger that charges the phone very fast. It is like Samsung Galaxy S6 is charged 1.5 times faster than the previous models of Galaxy S models. With 10min of charging it actually can gain 4 hours of usage. This is lucrative and achievable just only if you have that charger with you that comes in the box when you buy a new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. But for instance if you left the speedy charger at home or by any reason you could not bring it with yourself and your phone’s battery lowers down than the other borrowed chargers wont charge your phone as faster as your speedy charger would have done.

While Samsung galaxy S6 Edge is charged wireless-ly as well and it can be charged wireless with the pads and mats that are available in the market which will make it really easy to charge the phone again but still you will not get the fast charging functionality using these things.

It was a package of complete surprise when on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a 90 min HD movie was seen with full brightness while also the syncing of that accounts that were going background using the Wi-Fi it apparently lost just 15% of the battery. It is really good news that it beat some phones like HTC One M9, iPhone 6 plus and Sony Xperia Z3 but it was not good as Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or LG FLEX 2.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge battery if ever lower downs then you can definitely turn on the power saving mode. There are different power saving modes like in standard power saving mode the performance of Samsung galaxy S6 Edge is been limited, brightness of the screen is turned less, frame rate and timeout and many other things help to save your battery in the most efficient manner. There is also an Ultra power saving mode that is used to save the battery a person had 4 % of the battery remaining and when he turns into ultra power saving mode, the battery lasts for four hours. It is one of the extreme power saving method which allow the user to use only six important application of Samsung galaxy S6 Edge by locking down the whole Android Lollipop interface.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offers power saving mode which can give you 4 hours of battery life while only 4% charged

Although the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is not as long as it should be but it is the common issue among the smartphones not addressed yet. Although, Samsung for first time has introduced the quick charging and wireless charging which both help us keep our Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge alive without charging for long time.

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