Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Features: Samsung Stuns Us All!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Features: Samsung Stuns Us All!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands-On Review, Samsung Stuns Us All!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was unveiled on the stage of MWC, 2016 last night. The much awaited event with the much awaited Smartphone flagship pulled off very well. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the bigger, better version of the Galaxy S7 with derived and enhanced features from the predecessors.

Some new features like massive battery, expandable microSD card and water resistance paired with a beautiful design has what made this handset an absolute hit. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge appeared just last night and we have managed to build a list of some important specifications and features for you.

Read and tell us, Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the Smartphone of your dreams?


  • The Camera and the detailing is Amazing. The Effects and the resolution is par excellence
  • Easy in hands. Large Display with sleek appearance
  • Expandable microSD card slot with support up to 200GB
  • Bigger, better battery. 1000mAh extra battery than the predecessor, Galaxy S6
  • Enhanced and simplified Edge menu


  • The changes in TouchWiz UI are not much applaudable

These were the immediate pros and cons we were able to find. It is astonishing to now that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has improved and enhanced so much that we cannot find the negatives’ even after searching a lot. You know now where Samsung is heading! Now let’s take a detailed look at the features of the newly unveiled Samsung flagship.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands-On Review, Samsung Stuns Us All!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has surprised us on the very point we were so confident about. Yes, that’s the screen size. The new, improved Edge has bigger screen with 5.5 inches when compared with 5.1 inches of its predecessor. However, the way the device feels in your hands and the compact appearance is still available with full comfort.

If we compare the new handset with the previous year’s flagships than the new Edge has combined the metallic luster and polished attraction of the S6 Edge Plus along with the beauty and style of the S6 Edge. The entire body of the handset has been made of pure, shiny Aluminum. The surface has been protected with Gorilla Glass 4 on front and on the back.

As for the design improvements, the S7 Edge is larger along with a smaller camera lens protrusion (0.46 mm). The most important of all the changes is the edges curved inwards at the back for easy grip. The new curvy edges are still similar to the previous Samsung flagships. The volume buttons are adjusted on the left with power button situated in the right. The edges are metallic and absolute beautiful. At the top are the slots for microSD card and nano SIM. At the uppermost position is also the infrared port with more discreet design than ever. On the same level are also speaker, plus a microUSB port and mini jack.

As for the camera, the rear side only protrudes by 0.46 mm. It is present with an LED flash and a heart-rate sensor. All in all, if we critique over the design changes the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has beautify the Samsung’s mainstream series with absolute lovely screen, big size and the most adorable appearance. There are number of other features which make this Smartphone a hit.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands-On Review, Samsung Stuns Us All!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has the same, old 2,560 x 1,440-pixel resolution. The North Korean company restrained from adding the much-famous 4K display to it. The main display is an attractive 5.5-inch Super AMOLED unit with apparent curved sides. The pixel density of the display is about 510 dpi.

As for the characteristics of the display, it is bright, colorful with exuberant panel. The display is lively which is the signature for the AMOLED display. Viewing angles of the display are also good, however, we do not know if it will be compatible in different lighting conditions or not.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands-On Review, Samsung Stuns Us All!

The Galaxy S7 Edge comes with the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. TouchWiz interface which has not been changed from the long time has seen some alters and changes. The setup menus and quick adjustments have been changed to fit the new style. However, the icons and main menu thing is somewhat childish and doesn’t fit right to the 2016s flagship.

Depending upon your area, your device will come with either Exynos chips or a Snapdragon 820. Both of the chipsets will come with 4GB RAM, and up to 30% more CPU performance and 64 percent GPU performance than before. You can pick up a 32GB phone and pop in a 64GB card to give yourself over 90GB to play with.

As for the applications, the Galaxy S7 Edge comes with about seven official apps. Five of the apps are from Microsoft, some from Google and the usual Facebook and Whatsapp. All in all, the Edge comes with about 25 preinstalled applications.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands-On Review, Samsung Stuns Us All!

Samsung took a very bold step by comparing the camera of the S7 with iPhone 6S. Additionally, the smart North Korean company succeeded in getting an edge over the iPhone’s most famous giant. As far as the camera details of the Edge are concerned, it comes with a 12 MP sensor and have an f/1.7 aperture and dual-pixel technology.

Samsung’s new duo is the first to get the dual-pixel tech. In the front camera, you have got a 5 MP sensor and an f/1.7 aperture. To those who don’t know, the Dual Pixel Technology has two light-sensitive photodiodes working together for every single pixel. This results in 24 million photo-diodes working simultaneously. The focus speed is four times faster in low-light conditions than on the S6. Samsung in its MWC unveiling also demonstrated how well the duo is in focusing. And to the dismay of the competitors and to surprise of us, the focus was instant and wonderful. You’ll be able shoot 4K and slow-motion video too.

Is it just me or you also think that, however, the MP are low but the resolution and other features paired with the new tech are standing the S7 Edge’s camera on the top of the best camera phones of 2016? Feel free to correct me if you think the opposite!


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands-On Review, Samsung Stuns Us All!

The Galaxy S7 Edge has a battery capacity of powerful 3,600 mAh. The new flagship has got 600mAh promotion than its predecessor. The battery encrusted is self-made and takes the benefit of the various gaps in the phone.

What’s more is that the new Marshmallow has also improved the battery life with greater margin. We cannot give a verdict on the functioning of the battery so soon, but from what we know Samsung has worked day and night to improve the battery life of its flagship. Samsung representatives used the rather funny and pointing to the heart analogy that you will be able to watch an entire season of Game of Thrones before needing to reach for the charger. Well, now we see that the battery is capable of doing a lot!

The battery is not removable; but the modest potent pairing of adaptive fast charging to give your Smartphone the juice with Qi/PMA fast wireless charging.


Always On Display

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, just like the S7, also features an Always On screen. This means that the time, date and all the other important notification will always be visible to you. Due to the AMOLED display the unused pixels will remain off, so battery won’t be affected. In a nutshell, the addition of Always On Display is a significant addition for the new device and apparently there are no setbacks.

Quick Charge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also comes with quick charging technology. Due to this, you will be able to charge your battery to full within 100 minutes with connected cable. As with wireless charger, the juice will fill out within 150 minutes.

Water Resistant

The Galaxy S7 Edge is waterproof and dustproof with valid IP68 certification. The certification means that your Smartphone will be able to live up to minutes in up to 1.5 m water.

Game Launcher

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands-On Review, Samsung Stuns Us All!

The Samsung S7 duo comes with a Game Launcher. The launcher allows you to keep all your games, pause them whenever you want to reduce the impact. You can also activate do not disturb’ mode during gaming.

Whenever you will play, a side menu will appear through which you will be able to record the game and will be able to share the screen on your social networking platforms. Both the new Samsung flagships are the first Vulkan-compatible smartphones.

Inclusion Of Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay has also made its way to the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It is not available yet. But the coming days, the service will be launched in Spain and the UK. The US Samsung Pay launch will take some time.

New “Two-columned” Menu

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands-On Review, Samsung Stuns Us All!

The side menu of the predecessor, S6 Edge was nagging. The menu wasn’t quite useful at all. However, on the S7 Edge like all the other complains this one has been removed too. Thanks to the larger display and the big screen, S7 Edge has up to two columns.

You can drag items of your choice to add on the list. The Edge exclusive features like People Edge which gives direct access to contacts with added functionality will have the ability to get viewed in a column. In addition, an API will be released that allows you to include applications and third-party content in the Edge menu.

There are many other important tools which can be used in everyday life included in the menu itself.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will be available in gold, silver, black and white hues.  Just so you know, the availability of these color options will depend upon the areas just like the chipset. The two, 32GB and 62GB version, will be available everywhere regardless of the region.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will go public on 11th March with the alleged price of around US$799.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands-On Review, Samsung Stuns Us All!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is no shortage of wonders and miracles. How Samsung has taken a leap upwards with this device is no astonishment. From the features to the appearance this Smartphone has erupted fires in the mobile world. Not only due to its unique design, but the novel features which are entirely independent of Samsung S7s is utterly mesmerizing.

The massive battery, good looks, breath-taking display, huge RAM an super-fast wireless charging are just the introduction  of the good features of the Smartphone. The hopelessly smart camera with the capacity of taking smart selfies and pictures is entirely different line. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has definitely taken a top position in the battle of popularity. The unexpected, dashing revival of the Samsung has also added to the plus. Apple! Samsung’s new baby is the real threat; you should really reconsider like 1000 times before approving the features for the upcoming iPhones.

Oh Man! Samsung has stunned us all. For me, no other company even Cupertino giant could have pulled this year, especially MWC so well. And to all the other big complies, apply some ice over the burned area!

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