The Microsoft Lumia 640 review

The Microsoft Lumia 640 review


Microsoft in its quest to beat competitors in different sections of market brought various Lumia devices with distinctive features. The Microsoft Lumia 640 is among these device with compact concept, high features, affordable prices and productivity tools over the 5-inch display. Read Complete Specs of Microsoft Lumia 640 here.

As we have seen with the Lumia devices, Microsoft sincerely considered the affordability of its devices targeting the mid and low range of market. In its Lumia 640 Microsoft has given value to money once again. For instance by Purchasing the Lumia 640 you will get free subscription of Office 365 for over one year which saves your 93$.

But alongside affordability the Lumia 640 is a device packed with some good components. The device with a 5-inch high definition display supports 4G connectivity. Other considerable points include its 8 megapixel camera for clear snaps and 1.2GHz processor coupled with 1GB RAM for smooth performance. All these with a list of other high features and specs you will get SIM-free Lumia 640 for just $250.

microsoft lumia 640 specification and release date

On the affordable prices the features you get are run over the updates version of the latest Windows Phone Operating System. Additionally the users are given fixes with features which have been missing in the earlier version of the Windows Phone. The Lumia 640 is widely seen as the response by the Windows Phone towards the points it has missed in the last version.

The Lumia 640 also marks a new breed of Microsoft’s Lumia device running its own Windows Phone OS. It has not just adopted the large screen but also new design concepts and larger ram and processing specs for improved performance. And the key change is the Microsoft’s logo stamped on the back of the device. With all these offers and additions Microsoft Lumia 640 is in the hands of its users. Here we go into the details of the device and tell you why to purchase the Lumia 640.

Microsoft Lumia 640 Design

Almost of the Microsoft Lumia devices adopts a similar design concept and some of them are really alike. The same you may feel while holding the Lumia 640 as it has got many of the design points from over Lumia models including the Lumia 630 and Lumia 935. This may confuse you at a glance but while looking the Lumia 640 in details the translucent affect on the back of the device will distinct it from other siblings.

Microsoft Lumia 640 Design

The key point on the Lumia 640 is its larger display as it has got a larger size screen. The upgrade from 4.5-inch to 5-inch is quite notable on the design concept of the device. With the increase in the display size Microsoft manage to keep with the acceptance of the large display and larger size device in the market.

The addition makes the device looking taller as compared to the other Lumia models. But the tallness seems quite helpful improving the design concept as it has given the device a slimmer look. The device measures almost 8.8mm in thickness which gives it a beautiful look.

Microsoft Lumia 640 unboxing

However, this doesn’t mean any diversion from the usual Lumia design concept. The plastic covering and the Gorilla Glass coating on its display give a comfortable feel while holding the device single handed. Its back cover is also removable with a removable battery, SIM and SD card slot beside.

Following the Lumia tradition the Lumia 640 holds all its side stuffs on right with plastic covering that gives it the beauty. The edges are also curved enough with a comfortable feel. You can easily find the volume and power rockers on right, the USB slot at the bottom and headphone jack on top. The speaker of the Lumia 640 is fixed on back with rear camera and the Microsoft logo. While on front you will find the 5 megapixel selfie camera and essential speaker and microphones for call.

Thus the design is basically kept same as other key Lumia device but with more beauty and nice outlook. And more of its design concepts affect you will find joined with its large screen and impressive display.

Lumia 640 Screen and Display

Lumia-640 and Lumia 640 XL display

As we mentioned the Microsoft’s adaptation to larger display size is one of the key things to witness on the Lumia 640. Large and high definition display has become too much common as market seems improving in this regard very vigorously. Even in the range which is claimed by the Lumia 640 there are good devices with impressive display as their key earning feature. Therefore one can’t expect Microsoft to bring a device in the range but with lower quality of display.

Microsoft on the other hand seems to have done something extra while improving the display on the Lumia 640. The device also marks Microsoft’s entry into the race of large display as it has jumped from 4.5 inches of the preceding Lumia device to the 5 inches. The stretch in the display size is backed by improved resolution and pixel density to support the larger display to provide impressive results.

microsoft lumia 640 display

The 5-inch IPS quality display features a HD resolution of 720 x 1280pixels with a density of 294ppi. These details truly reflect some extra efforts by Microsoft as the level of display is provided by the device that are set at a twice of the prices tagged to the Lumia 640.

The IPS penal on the Lumia 640 gives many distinguished effects son the display results. For instance you will find
its color accuracy and viewing angles amazing over the large and impressive display. While the other high end devices toped in the color accuracy the Lumia 640 seems doing its best in its capacity. It has almost fixed the shortcoming of the Lumia 635 in colors and the results are evident in the first look on its display.

Microsoft Lumia 640 Specifications

With the Gorilla Glass and the Clear Black polarization of the Nokia the large display of Lumia 640 bring a competitive device of its range to you.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2

The arrival of Microsoft Lumia 640 with its extra large sibling the Lumia 640 XL marked the update on the Windows Phone OS. The preceding devices were reported with not only issues but also with shortcomings in keeping up with the emerging trends in the Smartphone market. The instant update on the Windows Phone arriving with the Lumia 640 gives the device an additional advantage over the other device in its lineup.


The version it loads is the update 2 of the Windows Phone 8.1. Though Microsoft has been expected to bring something big in this regard, probably a new OS or the Windows 10 but until the launch of the Lumia 640 we are to go with another version of Windows Phone 8.

Primarily instead of being a new arrival, the update 2 on Windows 8.1 are mostly concerned on the fixes featuring most of the used to features. Though there are considerable improvements over the current features which we are going to discus in a while, but a little new is expected any way. But the fixes are worth considering which give the Windows Phone OS more stability and improvement in performance.

microsoft lumia 640 windows Phone 8.1 update 2

New updates into the Windows Phone include certain changes in live tile, notification center, system settings and the behavior of other key native apps by Windows Phone. Certain upgrades make the Windows Phone more understandable and the Lumia devices easier to operate. Let’s have a brief review on each of the updated features of the Windows Phone 8.1.

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Live tiles and lock screen

Windows Phone users may have noticed that the basic concept of Windows Phone OS has remained same since it was its 7.5 version. The same is true with the current windows and you can witness it while going thru the Windows Phone 8.1 on the Lumia 640. However, improvements are the point which we are concerned now. And we have seen Windows tiles adopting good things time by time. The same refreshment you will find on the Lumia 640. Now you can do more with the live tiles and the icons can play more functions as compared to the usual icons on the iOS and the Android.

Lumia 640 Live Tiles and updates

The customization ranges from the live tiles to the loc screen where you have the same options to set things as you want them to be. For instance, Windows Phone give you option to view weather info right on the lock screen with its native weather app. Similar options are there with other native apps which are missing on the native apps of iOS and Android OS.

Lumia 640 Tiles and updates on Windows Phone

The Windows Phone special feature, the Glance is all there to light up the screen of the Lumia 640. The notifications in white text on the black screen are really good. The feature is a little changed on the Lumia 640 where you it seems battery draining as its LCD remain on most of the time.

Action Center

It’s not only the windows Phone but almost of the operating systems that struggle to improve the notification system as much as they can. While the others have done their own, the Action Center on the Windows Phone 8.1 is probably the Microsoft’s version. As you can open the notification area on the iOS and Android by swiping down, the Action Center on Windows Phone brings the notifications and quick settings on a single place. More than this, it allows the users to set the settings they use the most, up to the reach of their fingertips. With an open handed customization it gives more options to users as compared to the iOS and the Android.

Office suite

As we mentioned at the top, with the Lumia 640 Microsoft offers the users an impressive money saving offer with its newly arrived office suit 360. The offer is quite impressive and also worth mentioning due to its usefulness. While using Windows Phone the office suit becomes one of the most used productivity tool that gives the same environment as one can find while using the suit on a Windows on PC.

With the money saving offer Microsoft brings the Lumia 640 with the suit already installed and activated. And not only the conventional office tools are there but also its offer up to 1TB cloud storage for your office files to be saved online. Additionally you will have a limited fro Skype call facility up to eight countries.


The key feature that has evolved out from the Microsoft’s app world is its virtual assistant app the Cortana. Competing with the Siri and other similar apps in the market the Cortana has gained much success in a short duration against all other Microsoft apps.

Microsoft Lumia 640 features Cortana

On the Windows Phone 8.1 the Cortana give its peak performance with not only providing services similar to the Siri and the Google Now but also some of its unique services. It’s also improved in its functions and responsiveness as it struggles to give you the timely and accurate response you may expect from it. You can search web, compose any time of message or mail and set clock and reminders all just giving an order to the Cortana.

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Camera has become among the key features to decide the value of a Smartphone. Considering this some has topped in this field by brining the extreme powers on the both rear and front camera. Microsoft also has its Lumia devices that are focused on camera with high megapixels and other camera features but it is not the Lumia 640 any ways. But still you don’t need to think of Lumia 640 ignoring the camera.


As we mentioned in the introduction 8 megapixels on rear and 5 megapixels on front are there give a balanced camera performance. Though it is not made too high but with the certain other camera features and nice effects it gives nice results on even 8 megapixels. The resolution is kept good enough to support the results on its rear camera.


While on the front face of the Lumia 640 the camera for selfie is powered with 5 megapixels. There are selfie special device which bring front facing camera even more powerful that the rear camera on many devices. But mostly the devices that are not selfie centric consider the 5 megapixels as average for making selfie. Thus on the Lumia 640 it is kept with the same concept and its will probably not disappoint its users looking for some clear shoots and also while making good selfie.


The remaining part is played by the camera app and the Windows Phone 8.1 updates which enhance the capabilities of its cameras. The app is made comprehensive for the use of general users and also features rich with multiple options to captures in various conditions. It allows setting light and exposures while capturing snaps and also some good editing options for final results. Its camera focus is also good that helps users while trying to capture clear images without much professiancey.

Battery Life

Wrapping up the review what we found in the Lumia 640 is an affordable device with mostly essential specs which are not kept low but also not too high. The level of specs and features may not demand an extremely high battery. Therefore the 2500mAh battery is more than enough for the Lumai 640. It comapres with the Samsung Galasxy S6 which got 2550mAh with even high speces and extra features. You can judge the battery powers as if they are sufficient for a higher device will probably work much for a device ranging much below.

Microsoft Lumia 640 Battery Life comparison

With the considered powers on its battery the Lumia 640 can run with HD display and 4G connectivity for up to 48 hours without any issue and without going on power saving mode. Thus while recharging the device once in 24 hours it will net never be asking for recharge in the mid of usage. As we mentioned its battery is removable thus a spare one can make it running long for those wanted to carry it on trips and outings.

Microsoft Lumia 640 Unboxing Video

Why should you buy the Lumia 640

Why should you buy the Lumia 640

With a 5 inch HD display, good performing internal specs, clear camera and good running cattery the affordable Nokia Lumia 640 is made a perfect package in its range. Running over an upgraded version of Windows Phone the device has got upgraded performance which comes with a price cut as per Microsoft’s offer. This makes not high ranking among the Lumia device but also a device that cost you less in the range and give you more in the performance. You can list up the features and details now and plant to consider availing Microsoft’s affordable and performing device. You can buy an international version of Microsoft Lumia 640 from Amazon. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.