Top 10 useful tips for Chromecast

Top 10 useful tips for Chromecast

The Google Chromecast is very simple and incredible and easy to use. This little HDMI dongle turns your TV or monitor into a portal for online entertainment at a very low price. Chromecast is one of the most popular products of Google and everyone here highly recommends. This is an excellent tiny gadget which can do real good for you and for making your experience even better with it here are few things you need to know. We will be discussing tricks and tips for Chromecast which will help you improve the performance of yout Chromecast.

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Boost the performance of Google Chromecast by these simple tips and tricks

• Cross Platform Support

Chromecast is a Google’s dongle which turns your TV or monitor into a portal for online entertainment, despite being it is made by Google it works for the other devices as well. Since it is Google’s dongle it works excellent on Android devices or Chromebooks but at the same time it also works with Apple’s iOS, Windows Phone, and any modern web browser on any computer. Chromecast uses the fairly open DIAL protocol which allows discovery and data transmission easily , meaning that it can support any program on any device. On your Chromecast you will find support on Android and Chrome operating system by nature, Apple’s iOS, Windows Phone, and any modern web browser on any computer will also get the support. This is the greatest feature of the Chromecast and one can use chromecast irrespective of platform dependency.

How to setup chromecast for casting

• Supply Power to it

Chromecast plugs in into HDMI port on TV or monitor or any input on your A/V receiver, but it also needs a power supply as well. After purchasing the Chromecast you will have a USB to microUSB cable and power block in the box, you can also supply power to Chromecast by plugging it into any USB port that supplies power. This will not be too concerning for you because you might have USB port on the back of your TV. Your Chromecast will need to stay plugged in every time when it is in use and powered on.
Google recommends to use the supplied power block and USB cable to power your Chromecast and we also recommend you for the best performance. This simple tip for Chromecast not only lets you enjoy streaming without any issue but it enhance the life of the device as well.

chromecast uses hdmi port to connect

• Keep it close to your Wi-Fi router

Do you always face issues of slow streaming with chromecast? Use the simple trick of keeping the Wi-Fi router near to your Chromecast stick. The Chromecast uses your home Wi-Fi to send data from one device to another. You can send your photos, videos and music from one device to another by using the Chromecast. You start to transfer from your phone or computer, but later Chromecast takes over and downloads and streams directly from the web. And for this your Chromecast surely needs a very fast internet connection. It means that to provide your Chromecast a fast internet connection you have to keep Wi-Fi router closer to the Chromecast.

There are so much barriers in your home for the Chromecast to get the Wi-Fi signals. To get the best results you have to keep Wi-Fi router closer to the Chromecast, the closer your Wi-Fi router is to your Chromecast, the better your experience will be. It is just this the same as using a Playstation or Xbox over Wi-Fi, while using Playstation or Xbox over Wi-Fi you surely need strong Wi-Fi signals.

Since Chromecast has no physical ethernet connection we are sorry to say that, Wi-Fi is the one and only way to add it to your network. We recommend you to use a good router keep it as close as you can to your Chromecast to get the good results.

• Enhance the quality of streaming

If you do not like the streaming quality by Google Chromecast. Click on the cast icon and then click the gear icon. You will get different resolution options like Extreme (720p high bitrate), High (720p), Standard (480p). Try one of these options and set the one you like the most. Apply this simple tip for Chromecast and trust me you will love more the cool Chromecast stick.

On the other hand if you want more control over streaming quality. You need to access some hidden options. This is really easy especially if you are a little techy guy as well. Click on the Google Cast exension button and then select Options. Open the HTML code of Options page by right clicking anywhere on the page and then selecting the option ‘Inspect Element’. Search for the “quality == ‘custom'” code and in this section of HTML code remove the two lines which read “diplay: none”. It will be feasible to keeo the option screen open while changing the HTML Code.

• Use Windows or Mac

chromecast supports cross plateform

To set up the Chromecast obviously there are apps for Android and iOS, but you can also use any Windows or Mac computer for this purpose. To do this Just open your web browser and go to to the Chromecast set up page, then you will be directed to install application. You have to follow the instructions which Chromecast setup page gives you then you will be ready to cast very soon. Not only this you can also use your smartphone for this purpose. In Android devices just download the Chromecast app from Google Play. Whereas In your iPhone or iPad or any other Apple device, go the App Store, Install the app and start enjoying your favorite movies using the Google Chromecast. Google has already introduced material design for Chromecast app for iOS.

• Using Chromecast on the Amazon’s Kindle Fire

While Chromecast supports cross platform feature, it only works with Android and iOS device. But you can use the Chromecast with Kindle Fire by Amazon as well using the third party apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora which already work with the Amazon Kindle Fire.

• Look for the cast icon in apps

Google cast is built into apps on your smartphone and the web both. You will find a cast icon in the apps like Google Play Movies and TV, or Netflix, on your phone and on the web both. With this little content will be shown on the big screen as an alternative of your phone or laptop. When you see just click on it and the rest will be done automatically. If you have more than one device then you will have to choose the one device to cast.The list of apps with Google cast support is already very good and it is growing on daily basis.

• Enjoy local media cast using Plex

Enjoy local media casting on Chromecast using Plex

Google Chromecast, by default does not support local media and people search for most of the tips for chromecast to run local media on chromecast. You can now cast the content either it is a movie or a picture saved in cloud using media management app Plex. Plex organizes your digital content at one place and let you enjoy it on multiple devices. Give this app a shot and enjoy streaming movies, music and your lovely photoes with the Chromecast.

• Factory reseting the Chromecast

All electronic devices and stop functioning at some point for one or another reason and the Google Chromcast device is no exception. But do not worry as you can reset the device to factory settings and start using the Chromecast again. Just go to Settings Menu on the Chromecast app on your PC, Mobile or Mac and tap on the ‘Restore Factory Settings’. Another easier way to reset the Chromecast device is to hold down the button on the Chromecast device for 25 seconds.

We hope that your Chromecast is already working well for you but to make its performance even better we recommend you to use these useful tips. We believe that these tips will surely increase the performance of your Chromecast and your Chromecast will now work more better. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.