How to install Windows 10 on Lumia Phone

Video : How to install Windows 10 on Lumia Phone

How to Install Windows 10 On Lumia Phone, A step by step guide.

Microsoft has announced that the first build of Windows 10 technical preview for phones and mobile devices, compatible with Windows Phone, is available now. If you are part of Windows Insider program you can install Windows 10 on Lumia phone you have and enjoy it. We will here discuss the step by step process on how to install Windows 10 on your mobile device. You can watch the technical preview of Windows 10 here as well.

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If you are a Lumia phone user and passionate to upgrade to Windows 10, this step by step tutorial will help you install the Windows 10 preview on your Lumia device but like any other upgrade this one has also limitations and known issues but the good things is, you can always rollback whenever you want.

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Known Issues of Windows 10 Mobile preview

Before installing Windows 10 on your Mobile device, you should be aware of the following limitations and issues you can face. Microsoft has shared a detailed list of issues of which we can ignore some issues but some of the issues are really important and one should read them carefully before proceeding.

1) Wi-Fi settings are lost in the update process and you will have to manually enter them again.
2) VPN feature is not available in this build.
3) Some of the additional languages Keyboards does not work on it.
4) Your music list gets grey-out.

You can read the full list of issues and their work around here.

Lumia devices which support Windows 10 Preview

Microsoft wants to make 100 % sure that if someone upgrades to the technical preview of Windows 10 on it Lumia device, One should be able to roll back to older version at any time. That is why only those Lumia devices will support the Windows 10 technical preview which have image recovery mode available.

Below is the list of Lumia Phones which will support this build of Windows 10 technical Preview :

1) Lumia 630
2) Lumia 635
3) Lumia 636
4) Lumia 638
5) Lumia 730
6) Lumia 830

While Microsoft has promised, with each new build, Microsoft will add more Lumia devices to the above list and this list will grow gradually.

Steps to Install Windows 10 on Your Lumia Device

With the confidence that you can roll back to the previous version of Windows Phone and you can handle troubleshooting issues easily.

1) Make Sure Your Lumia device has Windows Phone 8.1 installed on it. Go to Settings >> About >> Info to confirm this.

2) Go To Windows Insider Program page and signup there, if you have not already.

3) Go to Windows Phone store and download and install the Windows Insider app.

4) After the app is installed, it will guide you on how to proceed and upgrade your Lumia phone to Windows 10.

Make sure to keep your phone connected to charger so you can proceed without any issues. I hope you will like the Windows 10 preview on your Lumia phone and if you are yet not convince, watch this video.

Microsoft has offered some top notch features in Windows 10 like One Plateform for all the devices and HoloLens to revolutionize the 3D world and that is why a lot of people are rushing to get preview of Windows 10 on their devices.

Watch here the into video on Windows 10 for Lumia Phones by Microsoft.

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