Want to use Android Pay? Here is How to guide

Want to use Android Pay? Here is How to guide

With the emergence of mobile payments such as Apple Pay, now we are up to get the Android Pay. The mobile payment for Android smartphone is expected in coming weeks, alongside many other gadgets and services. But before you get hands on the Android Pay, let us have an idea about how it works.

According to pre-released details about Android Pay, the service seems to be simple and user friendly. But going into details we find many complications, which you may need to be familiar with. In order to use the Payment system efficiently, this tutorial will hopefully help you out.

Right with the arrival of Android Pay you don’t have to download a separate app to use the service. Instead, an app activity is going to get included into the device which will work within the apps. Thus, you have to find from where to open it directly making it a hard job anyway.

To access the service you can use any launcher which allows launching specific activity. You can try out Nova Launcher which is nice and user-friendly for the purpose. However, you may not want to get any third party launcher for Android Pay as there are some other options too.

You can find some APK file for Android Pay but with a little googling. There are different versions of APK files for Android Pay which works with specific devices. Therefore you need to navigate to Settings, Apps and Google Play services on your device.

After getting the version of Google play services you can match the APK file for Android Pay. After having the appropriate file downloaded on your device, install it with usual procedure. Notice that as you are done you can open the app right from the Google play. Following the steps you can add your credit card and other details.

Source: Phandroid

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