What is the story behind unlocking your SIM

What is the story behind unlocking your SIM

Unlocked phones you must have surely heard this name before but never knew exactly how does it works or what are the benefits that still attract some users to buy the unlocked phones. Today we are going to discuss about how to network unlock your phone. When you purchase a new phone there is heavily chance that your new phone is Sim blocked even if you have bought from the purchase carrier.

Is your Carrier Capable of Unlocking your phone?


Well its one of the finest way to get your SIM unlocked and this how it really works.
To network unlock your phone you need to tell your carrier after that you will be provided with a code that will unlock your phone. But if you put a different SIM card for different network then it will ask you for that code and you have to enter it and the SIM will be recognized.
For new network you surely have to enter an APN setting that is network setting. But some big networks operators have APN in the system software that will work automatically. If you buy a new SIM then you surely have to set a new APN setting but it is easy you can ask the people from whom you bought.
Your carrier may not want to unlock your phone. There are rules which tell who is “qualified” “unqualified” to get the phone unlocked but if you are in some sort of financial crisis for your phone then they might not give you. These rules differ from carrier to carrier, fortunately you will have to have an account in good standing, had the phone for some amount of time, and what they think a good cause for network unlocking your phone. They are the boss they are decision maker but don’t worry ne happy there is always an option.

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Unlocking service serves the option

carrier unlock
Some companies buy in huge amounts the unlock codes from the carriers and afterwards resell it to the public. While this legal and it is also referred as the grey area which keep changes from year to year.
if you would have to unlock your phone then ultimately you will have to contact to your carrier unlocking service and pay their usual fee which is around $20 or $30 and in return they send you the code. so whenever you use the new SIM card you will need the code to unlock it.
surely you have to enter into the networking setting and the people from whom you bought the SIM will help you through this or by visiting some forum it will help you.
if you are considering only the famous and reliable unlocking service then you must see Cellunock, while there are others also but be sure enough to pick a reliable one.

Phone locked or unlocked?

Well the other side of the story is that there are phones that are unlocked at the time when you buy but that phones are available from The Amazon or Ebay or the company which label says that it is for international like Nexus. There are more companies like Alcatel, ASUS which sells the unlocked phone for the users that they might not face any issue further on.
The network unlocked phones come from the company like Verizon and Sprint. These companies do not have a user accessible SIM card for the 3G data and for voice but a standard SIM Card is provided for the 4G LTE connection. Sprints do not have any agreement with US government but they still send unlocked phones. While Verizon is in a agreement with a US government when they purchased the spectrum to use LTE that’s why they have to have sides of the Phones blocked.
It is quite possible that a phone from Verizon or Sprint may be SIM unlocked, and that does not guarantee it will work with AT&T and T mobile. Usually when you purchase phones from AT&T and T mobile mostly they are SIM locked with respect to their networks same goes for the Canada Carriers also.

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