Apple Watch 2 RoundUp: Rumors, Specs, Design, & Release Date

Apple Watch 2 RoundUp: Rumors, Specs, Design, & Release Date

Apple Watch 2
Recently rumours of a potential Apple Watch 2 have been spreading like wildfire. In September 2014, Apple released its first smartwatch. And now it is rumoured that Apple Watch 2 might be announced at the March 21 keynote conference.  A new iPhone, iPad Air 3 and the Apple Watch 2 are expected to be disclosed at the event.

As far as the watch is concerned, little is known about it because of Apple’s secrecy. Apple Watch can just be a simple next generation wearable or a premium wristband, we know nothing about it. Below is all the latest information that we have managed to get regarding the Apple Watch 2.

Release date and price:

The Apple Watch is rumoured to be released in April or July. Prices are expected to remain in the range of the previous Apple Watch.

Rumours about the Apple Watch 2 release date have been varying greatly. It is expected to release after some period of time, following its official announcement. According to various sources, the earliest possible release date could be in April. But analysts state it is more likely that the Apple Watch 2 will be released during Summer or Fall. As of yet there is no solid information on the price. But it is expected that Apple Watch 2 price range will remain similar to that of the predecessor.


Apple Watch 2

Apple is currently experimenting with magnetic wristbands. By doing so Apple’s aim is to increase the watch’s portability and attract new buyers. Any radical changes in design are not expected. This model will be designed to attract customers that are willing to spend between $1,500 to $12,000. There are also rumours suggesting that Apple might experiment with more materials such as palladium, platinum, and, tungsten for the watch’s wrist straps and cases.


Apple Watch will have a feature that will enable it to call doctors when the watch detects that its wearer is in need of medical attention. This piece of news has gathered the interest worldwide and has finally managed to add a good point in the favour of Apple Watch.

Apple has been working on a way to make the watch, able to detect when the user requires urgent medical attention and then respond according to the severity of the situation. For example, if a person is having a heart attack, the watch will immediately call 911. In a case of a lesser emergency, it will send a call to the user’s emergency contacts. The application is named “Care Event Detection Alerts”. The watch will use a paired iPhone’s data connection to send out such alerts since it doesn’t have a modem of its own. In case, no data connection is found the device will send an SOS alert using the GPS signal.

Apple Watch 2 Specifications:


Apple Watch 2

Rumours suggest that Apple might be working on adding FaceTime video camera to Apple Watch 2. This will allow the users to make and receive video calls on their smartwatches.


Apple is also looking for ways to enable 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connectivity in the watches. This will allow the watch to be untethered from the iPhone.

Battery Life:

Battery life of the original Apple Watch is a big issue. And Apple is putting efforts to extend the battery life by producing thinner OLED displays which in turn would allow Apple Watch 2 to incorporate a larger battery. Let’s see what the new Apple Watch brings in the battery front.


Rumours suggest that the device’s chip might have been designed on the basis of ARM Cortex A32 CPU cores. The performance of the initial smartwatch has been a crucial point and Apple is addressing the issues by upgrading it in the next edition. This ARM’s design has 25% improved efficiency over the older cores. This is sure to compensate for all the lacks in first watch’s performance and battery life.

Apple Watch 2
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