How To Improve Apple Watch Battery Life

How To Improve Apple Watch Battery Life

If you buy any electronic gadget, make sure that it has a good battery that last for longer period of time. But unfortunately it is easy saying then doing as almost all the latest gadgets including our favorite smartphones have shorter battery life and the Apple Watch is no exception. Apple after launching it Apple Watch has some important information on how to save your Apple Watch Battery Life. This information came from the developers so you always can rely on it. We have listed some tips to improve the battery life of your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Battery Life is claimed to be All day

Apple Watch battery life varies with the usage, configuration and other factors

1) Keep your Watch OS up to date

First and most important tip to improve the Apple Watch battery Life its to keep the Watch OS up to date. Watch OS is the software on which Apple Watch runs. Apple usually sends fixes to different issues and it contains different performance optimizations as well which improve the Battery Life of the Apple Watch. Like in the first Watch OS update, Apple improved the activity and heart rate monitor functionality to improve the Apple Watch battery life.

To update the Watch OS on your Apple Watch, you have to go on iPhone then open the Apple Watch application then go to my watch after that there is a General tab that you tap on to then there appears the option to update the software. While updating the software please make sure to connect it with Wi-Fi and put your iPhone on charging. Also make sure that your Apple watch is at least 50% charge. You can learn more here about updating the Watch OS on the Apple Watch.

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2) Put it into Power Saving mode

For the people who are crazy about their fitness there is a heart rate sensor in the Apple Watch, which keeps tracking the results of their workouts and maintain the data in the app. If you want to save your Apple Watch Battery Life then just put it into the Power saving mode which saves your watch’s battery but it closes the heart rate sensors. For power saving mode to be turned on you just have to open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone then there is the My Watch just tap on to it then Workout then decide the power saving mode to be turned on or not. But this means that you will not get exact information of how much calories you burnt on daily basis when the heart rate sensor turned off.

3) Keep your iPhone paired with the Apple Watch

Via Bluetooth you always have to connect your iPhone and Apple Watch almost every time. If you turn off the Bluetooth on your iPhone then your Apple Watch battery will drain very quickly. To save the battery life of the Apple Watch and also for good communication keep a Bluetooth connection always on in between your watch and the iPhone. You can perform alot of stuff with your Apple Watch when not paired with the iPhone.

4) Turn off the Wrist Raise feature

People who are active have a habit of looking at their watches every now and then, Apple has a feature of smart Wrist Raise which ensure that every time when you raise your Apple Watch up to see the time it automatically turns on the watch. But this feature also drains great amount of your battery. Hence you need to turn off this feature if you want to improve the Apple Watch Battery Life. Go to the settings on Apple Watch then select General then turn Activate on Wrist Raise off.

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5) Use the Black background for the Watch Faces


Black pixels consume very less percentage of the battery of your Apple Watch. So one of the many other tips for improved Apple Watch battery life, keep the screen of your Apple Watch black to save the battery. Using the Watch faces with black background, and setting the black background on the Home of the Apple Watch can dramatically improve the battery life of your Apple Watch.

6) Disable Social Media notifications

Turn off all unneccssary social media notifications to improve the Apple Watch Battery Life

To save your Apple Watch Battery Life you need to turn off the social media notifications on your Apple Watch like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter which are not as important as calls, messages, emails from the office and calendars. So make sure to turn off such notifications on your Apple Watch.

7) Less is More, disable the animation

We all know that animation drains most of the battery on iPhone therefore it is my extrapolation that I have learned from the past incidents that animation will have same effect on the Apple Watch that is it will drain the battery in a short period of time. To minimize animation go to the iPhone open the Apple Watch app then just tap on General then tap on accessibility then there is to turn on the ‘reduce the motion and transparency’ option.


8) Use Power Reserve Mode

Power reserve mode is very useful in order to save your Apple Watch from stop working. If you have a habit of looking at your watch to see the time more frequently. By turning this mode on the Apple Watch battery life will improve and will last upto 72 hours. But this feature will put all other Apple Watch features on sleep. Functions that will go into sleeping mode are notifications and activity monitoring. This power Reserve mode will display only time on your Apple watch which helps you to improve the Apple Watch Battery Life but at the cost of disabling the ‘smart’ features.


These were some of the tips to improve the Apple Watch Battery Life. While Apple promises to give the ‘All day battery life’ for your Apple Watch, You can also make some simple tweaks and settings to keep your Apple Watch alive for longer period of time. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.