Best Cases for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus cases

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus hit the market and touched your hearts on 25th September of 2015 with a starting price of US $199 at contracted price for 2 Years (16GB model) and US $299 at contracted price for 2 Years (16GB model) respectively. Since now you will be buying the smartphone and many of you might have already bought it, so here are some of the best cases for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus we bring for you to safeguard your smart-techs and enjoy the beauty with a dashing style.

Despite we think all iPhone 6 cases are compatible but there is a little shift in size so the tighter shells might be a bit of a squeezy for the new models.

Let’s get rolling now……

First we’ll show you some of the best iPhone 6S Cases and next the iPhone 6S Plus cases.

Best Cases for iPhone 6S:

Native Union CLIC Marble for iPhone 6s:

The Native Union CLIC Marble cover for your gadget is the first ever marble case in the market. It’s a beautiful blend of safeguarding and style, while every case is a unique piece due to the different patterns of the marble, thanks to mother nature for diversity. You might be thinking that the real marble might be heavy in weight but really it isn’t rather just 0.8mm thin, which makes Native Union pride on its light weight stuff.


Native Union CLIC marble case for iPhone 6s

Native Union Clic Wooden Case for iPhone 6S:

So here is another Native Union Clic Wooden Case for your iPhone 6S. The case is beautifully crafted from solid wood, so that each case has a unique fingerprint. The case comes in six different colours to choose from, each extremely stylish. The designs available are Olive/Walnut, Marine/Cherry wood, White/Cherry, Blossom/Walnut, Coral/Cherry and Black/Walnut.

Native Union CLIC Marble for iPhone 6s

iPhone 6S Spigen AirSkin Cases:

This case is extremely thin i.e. 0.4mm only and has a semi-transparent matt effect that last the Rose Gold or say the beauty of the smartphone shine through. Despite that the case isn’t good for saving your gadget from accidental drops but it amours scratches and stop your phone from rocking when you place it on a flat surface. The case is available in soft clear, mint grey, pink or beige.

The case is perfect for the one who doesn’t want to hinder the beauty and style of the smartphone but also wants scratch protection since you won’t even notice that you have a case on your smartphone.


Woodback Cover for iPhone 6s by Cover-Up:

The Woodback cover by Cover-up is an interesting case that uses polycarbonate and the wood that is sustainably sourced. The best thing about using the natural wood in cases is that each case has a different and unique thumbprint featuring a different design of wood for each person. The wood is laser cut and hand smoothed to give a fine finish.

Looking good isn’t what all of us want but the drops is also our concern so for this the case also protects your iPhone against bumps and accidental drops.

The case is priced between $24 and $33 depending on design of the wood.

Woodback Cover for iPhone 6s by Cover-Up

Casetify Watercolor Pond iPhone 6S Case:

The case is just perfect so as to customize and outstanding among all other cases in the market. Why? Here up….you can have your favourite Facebook, Instagram or any photo fitted into different templates available to fill them. Might be perfect as a gift to your loved ones! Though this is a US based company but the best part is that they offer free shipping worldwide.

So start personalizing your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus case on Casetify’s website now!

Casetify Watercolor Pond iPhone 6s Case

Best Cases for iPhone 6S Plus:

If you want something stylish and sleeky, the Nodus Access Case is the best thing we bring to you. The case is crafted from genuine Italian leather and unbranded, you may pick among yellow, brown, or black. The stitching is perfect and feels a luxury when you hold it in your hand. You just open it up and there’s a adhesive pad for your smartphone that holds tight of your smartphone. There is also a soft fiber lining and a handy pocket for keeping your important cards.

nodus access case iphone 6s plus amazon US

The ITG Patchworks Level Case has drop protection certified to military drop test standard 810G with being beautifully slim. You will also witness a a patchwork diamond on the inside that helps create shock absorbers for sudden drops. You will also like the beauty of cut-outs on the case and the textured sides really add the perfect grip.

The availability of the colours are black, white or sand colours.

ITG Patchworks Level Case for iPhone 6S Plus

Want some extra power for your iPhone 6 Plus? Here is what you just want – “The PhoneSuit Elite 6 Pro Battery Case” The polycarbonate case is a shiny metallic finish comes with a two piece slide together so it just perfectly fits your phone. It adds a 4200mAh battery charge which gives one full charge for your iPhone. The push buttons are perfect and you can have your headphone adaptor in the box.

PhoneSuit Elite 6 Pro Battery Case

Vesel this time brings something different for its users. The iPhone 6 Plus, varieties a combine an aluminum top and bottom in two colours i.e. gray or silver with a different choice of , wooden sides in acacia, pear, or maple. You also get a screwdriver in the box for taking the bumper apart of the case and sorting your smartphone into place and then sealing it safely.

Vesel Wood Series Bumper Case for iPhone 6S Plus

The Pad & Quill Bella Fino cases are made from real US full grain leather in whiskey, black or dark chocolate. They are neatly stitched with a subtle logo on the back and you may choose different linings for the interior. Your gadget iPhone 6 Plus is held in place by 3M adhesive tech and the sticky stuff is strong and there is no residue. The case has four slots to keep your important card just on the go for any important moment and if you might forget your wallet at home and as well as a larger money pouch at the back.

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