Nokia Lumia 630

It’s cheap and smart, Nokia Lumia 630

It’s cheap and smart, Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia and Microsoft made their move in the market with the new Nokia Lumia 630 with Windows Phone 8.1 Operating system, being the first to arrive with it.

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It comes in the time of tough market competition for smartphones where there have been some big launches recently. Though being a budget phone it may have some relaxation but still Motorola Moto G would be there, which being a mid-range in its specifications and bottom-end prices, has been the most loved one.


The new Lumia 630 available at $131, comes packed with its many features along with the upgraded operating system that offers a lot more than you would expect from it. Without the support to 4G LTE it is still a powerful phone in its range, the review would show the best of Lumia 630. In a glance, it is a 4.5-inch average size but good for its range. It packs 1.2GHz quad-core processor, a 5-megapixel camera and the latest Windows Phone 8.1 software. With all these here is the phone with a complete and simplistic live tile interface of the windows OS.


Nokia keeps it’s Lumia the bright phone, the new Lumia 630 follow the same bright colors. Its body design is a single piece of plastic on the back that bends round to meet the glass front giving it some curves.

No matter if you are more colorful than the Nokia Lumia, it has protecting covers in luminous yellow, green, shiny orange and matte green that will make it even more colorful to match your like. The colorfulness also goes with its removable cases.

Its 129mm long and 67mm wide screen is a plane slab with just a single cut at the top for the speakers while its curved back looks stylish. It is comfortable in size while took in the one hand. It has all other arrangements of the earlier Lumia. It has the volume and power buttons on the sides while the headphone jack and the micro-USB Portis placed on the bottom.


It has the normal size of the screen being 4.5-inchs with an 854×480-pixel resolution and the pixel density being 218 pixels per inch. It remains a step behind its competitor the Moto G while both of the smartphones have the same size of screen. Motorola’s G phones have the impressive pixel density of 326ppi which is higher than the Lumia 635.
With good pixel density the display will have sharper results. Though it is not that much sharp in the new Lumia as compered but still its pixels are enough good for the essential networking and other features along with the big and colorful live tiles.


The new phone with an upgraded Operating System sounds well. The Lumia 630 also runs on the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. The new Windows Phone 8.1 OS bring with some amazing features which give the low-end phone a mark able value. The new features of windows phone 8.1 include Cortana, the virtual voice assistant of Microsoft. Though many of the features are not working everywhere still it has the essence of the new.
It has the feature that enables you to set photos as background images this feature is noticed well but still don’t works as much. This feature will give the power of customization a bit but many apps are not able to work with it.

There is another feature of drop-down notification panel which is much more useful. With this increment, Lumia finally got the most use feature of Android devices, the sweep down from the top of the screen that shows all the notifications and provides a window to critical settings.

At have the rest of features from the earlier windows, you can make up the home screen by scrolling live tiles and the left sweep will let you to the app list. It also has the feature of the People hub, the one place to get to your all social networks and email contacts into one place.

Nokia has also got its own software, including Maps, Drive and its Transit. Its map is a useful feature with many of its own spatiality including the offline use of map data after downloading the large areas entirely. Its Drive feature gives you the satellite navigation, currently bugs are reported as it was not loading on many of the devices, though it can be downloaded manually on other devices. The Transit is your guide to the live departure times for local public transport. It also has the Nokia’s Mix Radio on board


On the top, it comes with its alternative to the voice assistant race in the market. Its Cortana feature is among most the long awaited additions to Windows Phone. It comes compering with the Apple Siri and Google Voice Search. Cortana has its good impression, with its lovely soothing tone to works for a first attempt. The fast and accurate Speech recognition is well integrated with the core functions. These all functions can only be vailed in the United States all the purchases of Nokia Lumia 630 outside the US will not be enjoying the benefits for this feature. Its release in the UK is scheduled for later in 2014.
It is also equipped with a number of entertainment features including its Mix Radio available both online and offline. Mix Radio being the alternative to or Spotify, offers the Microsoft’s music experts compiled playlists and also give you the option to search and compile your own playlists. It also shares the similar feature of with Spotify, offering radio stations based on your tastes and the option to share your mixes via Facebook and other social networks.

It has the addition of the Wordflow Keyboard, it looks to be on its initial stage as it lacks many of core functions including the smart prediction and smoothness. These features have been the key functions of the well accepted keyboards in the market.

It has the Skype pre-installed and connects automatically whenever and wherever possible this feature allows with greater connectivity and improved use of the Skype. It gives you all the prime function of the Skype. Now with a better connectivity you can switch from a free call to a Skype call without dropping your call because of weaker connection.

It also has some fitness function with the ability to support motion data collection, with this function your phone will track and record your movement and location. It’s a surprising function included in the cheaper phones, fitness fans can use this function with many other third party apps along with the pre-installed Bing Health and Fitness app. The results reported so far are surprising; its pedometer function works relatively accurate and monitors various types of exercise. It also recommends exercises and diets along with keeping the track record.

Microsoft has always kept the standard to remain among the business communities with its devices. Here with the Nokia Lumia 630 it gives the option of dual-SIM, now the device can be used dually.


Lumia 630 is powered with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, lining up with the Motorola Moto G with same processing power. It has 512 MB of RAM which is less than 1GB of the Moto G. on this weakness, Microsoft got its point by saying that it’s not an android thus it don’t needs that much RAM to work smoothly. As it navigates around the radiant tiles with no slow down and opens apps quickly, still its camera needs some more memory as it has a several second delay.


It has a 5-megapixel camera on the back similar to the Moto G in megapixels. It is no doubt a camera of a less priced phone. This is although what one can expect. Camera is among the features which leads the price of the device. Therefor its camera won’t work for intense photography but still it’s good for snaps that can be posted on Facebook.


The Lumia 630 has a 1,830mAh powered battery which says that it works about 13 hours of 3G talk time. As claimed the timing sounds well for the particular type of the phone in general use. It can go with a bit of Web browsing, social networking without draining the battery. It can also work with multimedia. It also has the function of dim screen with lower brightness more power can be saved. And finally it has the traditional removable battery.
For those stepping in the smartphone world it is the phone with most reasonable prices with good features and spaces. Being less in price makes it available for all a device that packs certain powerful features of Nokia. It has almost the enough power for anything you want. With its updated Windows Phone 8.1 software it also feel comfortable while using and will no doubt give you the bonus experience with Nokia’s software additions.

Though it is a windows phone not an Android still for the similar range and improved function on android you would be wise to consider the Motorola Moto G. It has bitter display with higher-resolution for crisper photos and text. Also there are more apps to choose from the Google Play store. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.