Check out the latest BlackBerry Priv leaked images

Check out the latest BlackBerry Priv leaked images

Among smartphones that have surfaced recently BlackBerry Priv remains among the toppers in market following. It has been over-discussed and anticipated to bring a higher level of features with certain new concepts. And as we get our eyes on its snaps it looks really fascinating. Though its many areas have already been discussed but fresh pics and details show it with even a stronger feel.

The details show the BlackBerry Priv to be a 5.4inch display smartphone with its own design concept featuring BlackBerry expertise. The 5.4inch display is made to display results with resolution of 1440x2560pixels which is joined up with pixel density of 544ppi. What we judge by joining up the resolution and its resulting pixel density is nothing less than a sharp and clear display.

Under the hood the BlackBerry Priv carries a Snapdragon 808 SoC with some exceptional parts to join up. CPU it hosts is a hexa-core with performance backup from its 3GB RAM and graphics of Adreno 418. Storage capacity is not limited with large space internally and external storage support. Out of its dedicated 32GB internal storage users will be offered up to 22GB for use. This is quite enough but many still may look for its microSD card slot.

BlackBerry seems to have learned from the popular camera requirements and thus we find it justly high on the Priv. On rear there is an 18megapixel Schneider-Kreuznach with a number of additional camera features loaded. With OIS and its LED dual-toned you will get the ultimate experience of camera by BlackBerry.

Following the chart what we expect is the best ever camera experience with BlackBerry devices. For either selfies, as it is trended, or for video chat it gives you a 5megaixel front facing camera. The details are admired well not only in discussion but also on benchmarking.

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