Counterstrike 1.6 bringing a near to reality experience to Android now

Counterstrike 1.6 bringing a near to reality experience to Android now

Not only for the gamers but for the Android users at large the arrival of the Counter Strike to the smartphones has been an interesting but not-looking-real news so far. But it has never done well to stop us looking ahead for such surprising news in near future. In fact most of us have seriously been waiting for it. And it is time to rejoice, as fresh reports emerged show the Counterstrike 1.6 for Android to have almost become a reality.

The developments regarding the Counterstrike 1.6 for Android emerged as Android gets the Valve mode ported. And as we can have a look into the fantastic work on the video this really looks good. This if not about the Counterstrike 1.6 but actually makes it a possibility for the Android users to run the amazing actions on their respective devices.


As we know about the Counterstrike 1.6 as well as the Half-Life are x86 or x64 infrastructure builds. Thus with the Half-Life running on the Android there are ways for Counterstrike 1.6 lovers to keep expecting. This is the case actually we have sought on the NVIDIA SHIELD devices. Though possibilities are all there but who is going to make it up, porting the Counterstrike to Android. The guys at SDlash3D seem ready for the task, but yet they have to go a long way before getting to the mark.

This is a positive sign but to make the game really playable on the Androids we may have to wait for some other related developments. This is what we can find on the video, all the basics that we will look for the game to run are there. Over the Half-Life engine there you can find stable movements, well-handled characters nicely interacting with the environment. But still from the Counterstrike point, there are many things to calculate including the server interaction and multiplayer etc.

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