Futurama is coming soon to your phones

Futurama is coming soon to your phones

For all those who have missed the futuristic cartoon world of the Futurama there is good news. An iOS game is on the way to bring back the Futurama into life on the iPhones. This comes out for the lucky users after Fox and German developer Wooga teamed up to bring the idea into a game. The Futurama: Game of Drones, as it is titled, will give you the real touch of your old Futurama series.

The enthusiastic fans of the Futurama can judge the level of adventure we are set to get out of the new game. As per the details following the fresh development the game takes you to an adventurous journey to fight the MomCo. The players on the Futurama: Game of Drones journey with crew of Planet Express to fight the odd trade war against the longtime rival.

Like the real Futurama the game too meant to bring the best entertainment and adventure to the users. As its title suggest there are drones too. Players can connect groups of drones while delivering cargo with danger to risky location under challenging circumstances. The Futurama universe provides an iconic environment to boast the experience while accomplishing missions.

As the game comes out of a popular concept the expectations are high. Those fans who were disappointed after the series was winded up can get to the environment yet again. Also the efforts made to introduce the Futurama to smartphone and bring back the universe to its fans seem quite appreciating.

The talented team behind the Futurama also makes it quite convincing that the game will get the same response as the real series got. As we find Dave Grossman of the ‘Secret of Monkey Island’ and ‘The Wolf Among Us,’ Jonathon Myers of ‘Game of Thrones: Ascent’ with Patric M. Verrone there is much to expect.

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