Samsung Gear VR Apps And Games – Brief Review

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

Samsung Gear VR has launched itself among public with full might and strength. The product has left no stones un-turned to provide the best and the immersive VR experience. Though the product doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, some users hesitate before buying it. This is natural, although we are deeply drenched into tech world but we still have our own reservations to buy the new launched products.

But, as we have told you many times before Samsung Gear VR is a must have product. But, the VR tech is so good that you would be confused to choose some options from the big list of apps and games. And, that is why we are here. We have dissected for you the best games and apps available on Samsung Gear VR. Keep in mind that due to the increasing popularity of this amazing virtual experience, the games and apps are soon converting into paid purchases. That is the reason the list has excluded some very expensive apps, well, because not everyone is interested on shedding hundreds of dollars on a single game.

Have a look!


Gunjack is not Samsung Gear VR exclusive. It was introduced in early 2015 CCP Games, but, was named as Project Nemesis. The little arcade game is focused on space shooting but the details are not so little, they have been highlighted and attention has been the core of every aspect of this game.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

You are sitting on your confirmed cock-pit when you see the body lying down below. The adventure starts by cracking the glass of your walls, as the enemy hit. The game has been basically set in motion in the EVE universe. The series and sequences of the game are lovely and pleasing to look at. The hang of the controls is easily dominated and reloading on the touchpad is also easily.

PRICE: $9.99


Gone simply tells you that gone are the days when you used to play simple, easy games. The games like these make us feel that enjoyment and mystery is a must, while playing. You should feel the excitement of adventure, the dread of enemy and the thrill of escape while playing. And, that is what exactly Gone gives you.

For those who don’t know Gone is the episode based thriller by the makers of the famous award-winning drama “The Walking Dead”. The app has received much fanfare and can be downloaded from the Samsung’s Milk VR store. It is situated at the main menu at the top of the menu room.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

As mentioned above, the app unfolds in same way a drama does. The TV style narrative unveils right in front of your eyes but you can see different hotspots and zoom them to find any conversation or clue that might be related to you and your purpose in any way. The story is entirely episodic so the game unfolds in the form of episode.

GONE will definitely encourage the long lost Walking Dead viewers to return to the series once again. I also became nostalgic seeing this game. Well, I don’t even remember which season is the Walking Dead on.


Land’s End

The game is as simple as a game can be. Land’s End reminds you of the days, when you were captivated and mesmerized with simple puzzles. And, the game is based on that simple notion of puzzle.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

For now, the game is based on five chapters including different puzzles. The game has been developed by Ustwo and is the first VR game by the company. The puzzles range from being easy to unnerving scenarios, the easiest of the puzzles leave you more puzzling. Beautiful sceneries, breathtaking sunsets and Rocky Mountains are the beauty of this game,

The game makes the best use the Gear VR’s head tracking as controls. The game can be best enjoyed when standing or swiveling on a swivel chair. So, if you like solving puzzles. Put detective mode “on” and start unwinding the mysteries.

PRICE: $9.99

Oculus Social Alpha

This is the most social app or to be specific, the only best social VR app. It is the same app, most users refers to as the lounge room. The idea of this app is the most genius idea anyone would have got. All you need to do is to choose your avatar and then spend time chilling with other Gear VR users in your desired chat rooms or lounges.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

You can watch Vimeo videos with the group members or simply talk via phone’s mic. To distinguish between different members of the group, there are different 3D cartoon heads floating in cinema seats. What’s more is that your head movements are tracked, which means that you can spring your head towards the direction of the other avatar head to chat with the user.


Samsung Internet

Lots of people were complaining prior to the launch that the VR headset without internet would be a total flop and of no use for the purchasers. Somehow, the point was relevant as we cannot imagine any gadget or device without an internet nowadays.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

Through Samsung Internet you can surf through your favorite browsers. You can open various sites just by your voice or selecting from the favorites. The Gaze mode can be used to watch all the stuff to select from, but, in other case there is an onscreen keyboard too. The Samsung Internet works a best way expected from such type of an internet immersing experience.



Soundscape is the best VR app for all music lovers and creators. Refresh yourself with a feel your own music into complete VR experience. The app allows you to add musical notes of your own choice, change the effects, amplitudes and other levels of the sound plus add the drums too.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

Through the multiplayer mode you can also strike a musical face-off with another person. This way you can change, alter, create whatever sound track you want or like. The notes that are produced by Soundscape are all based on pentatonic scale. It simply means that no matter how childish you input the musical scales or how gibberish your musical effects are, in the end you will stop short hearing your track thinking that you might have the capacity to jump into the music industry.

PRICE: $2.99


Netflix doesn’t need an introduction. And, if anyone wants to know what Netflix is than they might be waking up from 1000 years of sleep. Netflix is equivalent to a revolution in streaming and online entertainment industry, which surely makes it a best app for Samsung Galaxy VR.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

Netflix simply gives you, your own private virtual space, without any prying eyes, to view any movie or stream your favorite TV show. The private space is provided in a form of a luxe or a rustic cabin room with a big screen in which the desired content would be displayed. You can watch the regular 2D content on your own Netflix cinema.

PRICE: Free (with subscription)

Anshar Wars 2

This game is among the most popular, trusted and the most played games of the Samsung Galaxy VR. There are two different Anshar War Games on the Gear, right now. The game fits perfectly with the idea of Virtual experience. It means that the game is indeed played virtually.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

Anshar Wars is a spick and span space shooter in which you have to control the directions of your own space ship through the head movements. While, when you need to fire or launch a missile that is done via headset touchpad or a Bluetooth Controller. Also, the game best suits with swiveling chair with you on top springing into action for launching a missile on your Gear VR. The game is best for those who dream of being a space scientist or such sort of thing. The only difference is that you are enjoying virtually rather than being in real. Is there a much difference?

PRICE: $99


Dreadhalls is a game which literally will give you dreads. This is the sole game which lets you experience the single person hunt in VR than any other app or game. As the name suggest, the game is the dreadful and scary journey through the creepiest halls.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

You have to walk through dungeons, open mysterious doors, pick locks, keep the lamp going, and most importantly; check behind you that no one is following. And if someone is; your heart literally skips the beat! You have to run and run and run, protect yourself, adrenaline pumping. This is super scary and terrifying. Without being biased this app is currently being considered as the best game for Samsung Galaxy VR. The app is also under development for the elder sibling; Oculus Rift.

PRICE: $4.99


VRSE is an app with quality. It has some of the most stunning VR videos ever made. The big names include Vice News and Spike Jonze’s VR broadcast from a NYC protest. The videos are somewhat edge and rough around the corners but you really feel like you are in the midst of the video in between all chaos and confusion.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

The VRSE also has a short film by Chris Milk named as the Evolution of Verse. It is an amazing and breath-taking film which was introduced at this year’s Sundance. The VRSE has videos and content with the collaboration of UN. The venture includes short films like Clouds over Sidra and Waves of Grace. You really enjoying watching the videos and feel like that you are a part of it.


Smash Hit

Smash Hit offers you a smashing fun. The idea is simple yet entertaining. You have to walk and roam around corridor and break all the glass panes you want. This is true, at least, the virtual reality is offering you to break glasses and as much as you want.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

The idea behind the game is break glass structures, towers and panes across the corridor all with the help of metal balls. Accurate breaking is important, as you do not have infinite ammunition. You cannot stop at your favorite intervals or adjust your speed. The game tests you reaction as well as your aiming length.

The game is addictive and fun. It also has a realistic touch to it. It is a mere game which makes you remember the old childhood times. The game is also cheap considering how long we’ve been playing it.


Herobound: Spirit Champion

Herobound: Spirit Champion is a classic game with classic platform to show off your game enthusiasm. You are smitten to an elf like character with a third person view of the fantasy and mystery world you are playing in. The game allows you to chop baddies, wander rooms, and collect various different items and materials from your pathway. The game is not so new. But the view pointing and head tracking is absolutely fun to have and enjoyable. A Bluetooth controller is necessary to have most of the fun.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

If you are not interested in putting your money at the stakes for this game than try Herobound: First Steps. It is a free demo and is designed to give you a taste of the bigger and the better game.

PRICE: $10

Flickr VR

Flickr has the most beautiful collection of 360-degree photos. It offers you the most impressive and beautiful picture view you would have ever soon. There are many different apps available for Samsung Galaxy Gear VR which are similar in nature but this app surpasses all.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

The beautiful collection of pictures can easily be navigated, while, large thumbnails provides you a pretty great idea about the picture even before opening it up. To take the most out of this experience, take some spinning chair on sit around a lot of empty space. This way, you will better be able to enjoy most amazing pictures and scenes.


Oculus Arcade

Would you enjoy having Sonic, Altered Beast, Spy Hunter, or APB all at one place? This is indeed a reality now. All of these have been included on a stand-up arcade machine making your wildest of dreams come true.

Samsung Gear VR: Must-have Apps And Games

All of you have to do is to drop into virtual world with button and joystick which will move as per your commands. There are different virtual arcade games titles included in the app. But, Bluetooth controller which oversees all the functions sometimes hangs very badly. Additionally, such large number of games for a very long period of time requires fee.

The app in itself is free to download and each game offers you free demo 20 minutes. The 20 minutes would be enough to convince you to buy the games.


These are the games and apps which are best for your Samsung Gear VR. If you have any other choice or any other preference that you loved while trying your VR headset, be sure to jump into this section and drop off your comment. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.