Google Now Vs Microsoft Cortana

Google Now Vs Microsoft Cortana


Ever since the arrival of Microsoft Cortana virtual assistant, it is considered as the Siri killer. Microsoft attracted most of the Apple users towards its new interesting invention, the Cortana due to its unique features. The same is the case with Google Now Assistant, which has a tight battle with Microsoft Cortana in the field of virtual assistants.The race is on and in the steady market between Android Marshmallow and iOS, the giants have to beat each other to be the best.
Google Now Vs Microsoft Cortana
Lets compare these two and see how Google Now is taking head as the latest virtual assistant.

Google Now VS Microsoft Cortana

Cortana from Microsoft is a part of Microsoft operating system for windows 8.1 and 10. The charming female voice assistant not only helps you a great deal in daily life tasks but also provide useful knowledge and entertainment in your free time. Rather than discussing lovely features of Cortana and Google Now in detail, we will take a look at the facts responsible for the cutting edge competition between the two.

Google Now Vs Microsoft Cortana

As we know that Google Now took the lead over Cortana in the market due to better voice recognition features and more accurate results. Microsoft jumped into the competition with Google Now with its Windows phone 8.1. The company has already given a fair defeat to Siri.

Now, Microsoft is planning to take over Google by making Cortana available at the Google play store. This way it will be available not only to Windows phone but also to the Xbox and Android. Cortana can take your lousy voice commands and as well as take records of your most important meetings in the notebook.

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While comparing Cortana with Google Now, the interface is worth mentioning. Cortana display has Microsoft’s official blue color. The voice assistant enables you to start the voice search immediately by pressing the blue button.It is  easy to launch Cortana; no matter what function you are using on the phone. It easily starts even when the screen is locked. That makes the interface really charming.

Google Now Vs Microsoft Cortana

Similarly, you can access Google Now in various ways; whether you are using an Android phone or and iPhone. Google search app is the best way to start things with Google Now. Google Now listens to your human voice and responds to it quickly. All you have to do is to say “Ok Google”. The same feature works on the Google Chrome Browser for the PC and laptops.

Google Now has definitely beaten Siri assistant because it impacts your life more heavily than Siri does. One big difference is the vintage feature of Google, which is saving the search and reaching your emails anytime anywhere. Google Now can extract the exact information of any flight you need to take for your personal or business travel.
It creepily searches if you are divorce or about your marriage status by getting into your personal details. This is something Cortana is not trained at.

Google Now Vs Microsoft Cortana

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Microsoft improved over the creepy stalking feature of Google Now by introducing your very own, personal Cortana Notebook. Your notebook simply asks you about your food and restaurant tastes, your marital status and the kind of sports you like. Then Cortana saves most specific personal results for your needs. This way it works better than Google assistant. Cortana’s Bing search is useful for users, but Google provides the best searching facilities for online searching.

The 3D Touch feature is keen in making Google now better in much different ways.

A lot of users are convinced that Cortana is a better choice , especially for Microsoft lovers. However, some features of Google Now proves it to be a better choice than Cortana. Regardless, both have their plus points and some very strong competitive elements. This makes it difficult to choose one as the best.

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