Google Photos: Orgainze All Your Photos at one place

Google Photos: Orgainze All Your Photos at one place

Google Photos

Hear up! Tech lovers and all those who don’t believe their hard-drives are reliable to store their lifetime of photos & videos. Google has just unveiled just the right thing for you, that is Google Photos. Since the Google+ has been separated from Google Photos, the best thing has been dusted since its liberation. The genie search engine has provided its users with the biggest, say the only largest service for storing their precious moments pictures & videos in the unlimited cloud of memories. Due to Google+’s complexities the best feature had been hidden, but since its separated Google Photos has been upgraded with some brilliant and peculiar features which none other cloud storing company had offered its user. And you know the best part?, It’s absolutely ‘FREE’. And it even synchronizes your photos and videos automatically without you noticing it. Now you’ll be interested what it beauty it has for you.

Google Photos : How to get free space on your device

Let’s start….


The catchy feature of Google Photos is that it’s absolutely ‘FREE’ for all its Google account users. But you need to understand two of its options before getting started. Google Photos has two options:

1.) The Original Resolution (15GB storage).

2.) The High-Quality Resolution (Free Unlimited Storage).Google Photos

In the Original resolution plan the user can store their videos & photos at full resolution, exactly at the same dimension as they were taken by the camera. But one thing that must be remembered is that the files being stored count towards the Google account storage limit i.e. 15GB. Wonder what that means? See, basically the user gets 15GB of absolutely free storage with the Google account and then that is divided into Google Photos, Google Drive & Gmail. In this plan, Google Photos offers 15 gigabytes of storage free, or you can pay $2 per month for 100GB.

In the High Quality resolution plan, the user has ‘UNLIMITED’ cloud storage space, but one thing must be remembered here  i.e. the photos being uploaded must 16 megapixels or less than that & in case of the video it must be 1080p HD resolution or lower and while you upload larger files than that, they will be shrunk down! Google argues that it isn’t standard compression and that while the file is minimized; there is little or no effect on the quality of the image. Sounds magical? Doesn’t it?

For most of those capturing their moments with their smartphones, the High Quality plan will be sufficient because most of the people have smartphones which have cameras of megapixel below 16MP. But if one has many photos from their DSLRs, 15GB will be enough for them. Won’t it? Fits me! Just keep a note that if you use your Gmail or Google Drive, you probably will be getting your 15GB eaten up due to your emails and stuff.


Google PhotosOne more best feature of Google Photos is that it automatically synchronizes all your photos and videos, so you don’t have to worry about uploading them one by one. Initially when you set up the application and turn ON the synchronization feature, all your photos and videos on your gadget are uploaded to the cloud.

The application allows you to choose which photo folder you want to be backed up to the cloud. This feature is quite impressive and helpful since most of us don’t want all of our loose trash pictures, such as screenshots and WhatsApp pictures to be uploaded to the cloud storage. It even lets you decide whether to upload your photos and videos over you data plan or just via Wi-Fi only.

On the web, you can drag and drop all your photo folders to the cloud and upload them to a forever safe storage. And once synced to your account all your videos and photos are accessible anywhere round the world, with any of you smartphone.


Congratulations! Finally you have an assistant of your own. Astounded? Don’t be surprised, lets explain you what this beauty Google has finally made it just for you. Something that no other application ever offered you and to be true, you didn’t ever think of it even.Google Photos

If you really love creativity but unfortunately lack some jiffy creativeness, your Google Photos Assistant will do it for you. Just sit back and relax! Now, what Google Photo Assistant does is it randomly produces a collage, an animation, and sometimes just a filter applied photo from your collection of photos and alerts you to view it, whilst it even updates you on the progress of your photo backups. Isn’t that time saving and a bit of magic just for you? Lovin’ it!


Another interesting tool of Google Photos is that once you click the search button, the application present before you all your pictures organized dainty into three categories:

1.) PlaceGoogle Photos

2.) People

3.) Things
In the Places’ section, Google Photos uses geo-tagging where ever it is possible yet available. But for pictures taken by gadgets that lack location tracking it relies on its landmarks it can track. For example it identified picture of Statue of Liberty taken by a small megapixel camera yet the picture was a bit blur even.

In the People section, better call it face detection feature. Google Photos rounds up all pictures of the same person without giving you hassle so that you can quickly view photos of the same people at one place. It has an amazing facial detection feature. Just one thing it doesn’t allow you is to tag people. You’ll still love it, try it!

The last Things section, is also very impressive. The app uses cloud computing power to detect pictures of, let’s say, book, brush, cars, pen & even your cats and dogs. And there are many more categories for you to view. Sounds amazing?

I was impressed by most of Google’s choices in the Things section. For instance, a category called books correctly included everything from my books. But if you want to remove any classification errors you can do it manually.


When you want to select multiple pictures for making or sharing an album and you don’t have to tap on them one by one.Google Photos

You just select the first one and then slide your finger to add others to the selection. You can also pinch and zoom to switch the view of you photos in hierarchy.



Google Photos brings its users utmost the very best expertise it has in data mining, artificial intelligence and much more to keep your life easy and hassle free of manually storing your photos one-by-one and worrying that you might lose your captured moments and even searching your photos. Google Photos is one unique and outstanding platform that keeps you free from such mental strains.

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Now it’s up to you if you will go for it? I’m on it already. Happy Google Photo Storing! You can download the Google Photos App here. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.