How does Apple Watch perform in water

How does Apple Watch perform in water

The marketing of Apple Watch didn’t included promotion of its water resistant features as much as it promoted the other features. Though the Apple Watch is given good water resistance ability but Apple seems cautious about it being used under water. As per Apple’s point you can have your Watch on your wrist while it is raining or while you are washing hands but not while swimming.

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Apple clearly avoids recommending the device to be submerged into water which may damage the device by anyway. However some owners of the Apple Watch don’t listen to Apples cautions and even doubt the claims made by apple regarding the water proofing level of the Watch. So they tried to practically test the Watch to gauge that how deep it can survive and wat functions work while the Watch is underwater.

The results of the test were surprising after it was found that the Watch survived more than the claims of Apple. The water resistance was far greater than what featured by Apple with very short details. As per the results the Watch not only survived into a pool but also it remains unscathed even after a 10 minute dive.

Following the details that the Apple Watch functions even in the water some of the buddies tried it out for swimming in a pool and also in the ocean. While in the water the very features of the Watch were tested including its touch and tracking features. The device was quite ok in both exercises but with some exception for features.

Video: Apple Watch water resistance tests – Will it survive?

While internally the device was okay but on its face the touch screen and force touches feature fail to operate underwater. Also due to water affects the devices swiping function which remains active. Thus this prevented the workout app from working but only under water as soon as you get out of the water the device is again on the go and you can use its features and also the workout app.

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