How does the S Pen stuck in Galaxy Note 5 [Images]

How does the S Pen stuck in Galaxy Note 5 [Images]

As we reported earlier the enthusiastic users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 were disappointed with the reports of its design flaw. By now it has gone viral and you will probably be aware of the issue. Yes, a little carelessness can damage your new stylish phablet for ever and you will never be able to use its key feature.

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The build of Galaxy Note 5 that brought back the S Pen into the market cannot prevent wrong placement of its Pen into the slot, thus risking the device itself. If you ever tried to insert the S Pen in the socket wrong way it may get stuck inside or may damage the slot. In any of the cases either it will lead you to hardware repair or can left your device’s S Pen slot useless forever. You will probably not want your Galaxy Note 5 without S Pen or at least with a damaged pen slot.

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Here let’s have a brief in to the issue and find out that what actually happens when you commit that costly mistake. The details are provided by some unfortunate users of the Galaxy Note 5 who have committed this mistake already.

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The issue seems specific for the certain device as the last Galaxy  Note device with S Pen was designed the way to prevent this issue. But here it is made more sophisticated and also in the user manual of the device it is mentioned as precaution. Inside the S pen slot there are multiple levers and sensors that control the S pen thru device software. Thus the complicated design becomes problematic when you do this mistake.

There is a lever inside the slot that detects the presence of S pen while another lever holds the Pen inside. When you insert it wrong way first it will damage the first level but it may still detect the pen. But when it goes to the second lever the pressure will damage it and it will be unable to eject. Thus if you apply some force the pen may come out but it’s both levers will not be able to function normally afterward.

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