How to Clean Apple Watch Notifications in One Go

How to Clean Apple Watch Notifications in One Go

One of the many key features of the Apple Watch is its Notification Center. This feature brings almost a big chunk of tasks of your iPhone on your Apple Watch. Having the watch on your wrist you don’t need to look for your iPhone quite often if you just want to have a glimpse on alerts as Apple Watch Notifications will serve you.

It really helps, without looking at your pocket, just rise your wrist and had all the alerts and updates there. The Apple Watch Notification Center, similar to iPhone is included in Apple Watch with all its advantages. And similarly you can access the notification center by swiping down the screen of your Apple Watch from its top edge.

The notifications are good when they provide updates and alerts but as you go through them you also need to keep clearing each notification as it is done. And if you don’t keep clearing the notification as you move on there would be bulk of alerts which may be no more useful for you. However, Apple Watch also provides a solution, and makes it possible to clear out the Notification Center entirely. But for this you need to go through a short process which we are describing here for you.

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In the first step go to the Digital Crown of your Apple Watch and press it to get to the Watch face. While you are there you can access the Notification center. In next step, from watch face swipe down. This will show the notifications.

From the notification area of your Apple Watch now touch the screen or watch face with a slight force. As you see the options tap the X and it will clear your screen form all notifications.

On the other hand if you want to delete a single notification, you will follow the same procedure but this time you will tap the X after swiping the desired notification.

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