Spigen Apple Watch Stand, a minimalistic affordable charging dock

Spigen Apple Watch Stand, a minimalistic affordable charging dock

Apple Watch requires charging every night and remains charged for upto 18 hours with standard usage. This is definetley not enough for a wearable gadget thus the charging docks and the Watch stands will be the most popular accessories related to the Apple Watch. Spigen Apple Watch Stand is one of the cool and reliable stand and we will discuss it in details here.

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Spigen Apple Watch Stand is light in weight, very portable and best of all it is affordable which makes charging an easier and more comfortable task. It provides the nightly charging facility which will keep your Apple watch running round the clock. Also its affordable price makes it in the range of a usual charger. Thus having a fancy Apple Watch you can have a fancy looking charger but at a price of a usual charger.

Spigen Apple Watch Stand S330

The accessory manufacturer Spigen provides this affordable and useful alternative. It sounds comfortable to have a charging dock which doesn’t costs more than the cable that you have to buy separately.

The Spigen Apple Watch Stand S330 comes with an attractive exterior feel of aluminum and TPU. This gives it a minimal look matching with the Apple standers. Also you can recall the base of iMac which seems copied by the Spigen in this Apple Watch Stand S330. The aluminum and rubberized TPU also increases its strength by providing a protective covering on it.

Spigen Apple Watch Stand S330 comes with stable 45 degree angle

Apart from the exterior looks and the basic appealing features it has some other key points which may make it an accessory you will tend to buy at the earliest. For instance, you can have a single stand for any of Apple Watch models. So now you don’t need to consider your Watch model while looking for the Spigen Apple Watch stand.
It is also easy to assemble as you don’t need to put things together to go on. What you need is just to inset the charging cable in to the doc and it is all done. Also you can use your Magnetic Charging Cable.

Spigen also offers 2-year warranty, so you can use it with full reliability. Finally we can say that what Spigen targeted for you is not just a dock but an essential gadget for your cool Apple Watch. Although the Spigen Apple Watch Stand S330 works with any Apple Watch model, it requires your own magnetic charging cable.

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Spigen Apple Watch Stand S330 with Case

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