How to easily root your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 ? [Video]

How to easily root your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 ? [Video]

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is now very easy to root. The device comes with 4.4.2 Android OS of version XXUBNH6. It can now be conveniently rooted so that you can install the custom ROM firmware.

Keep in mind that once the device is rooted, the warranty is nugatory. So, if you want to reclaim it or have some official work with regards to your cell phone, simply restore it by installing the official firmware once again.

How to easily root your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2? Read how!

Now, read carefully the tutorial mentioned below, on how to root your Grand Samsung Galaxy Grand. Please note that the mentioned information is only 100% compatible with Android 4.4.2 and G7102. In other cases, we can’t assure you positive results. Even, there can be negative impacts as well. So don’t go experimental with your any other precious Smartphone.

Follow the procedure step by step, very carefully.


Firstly, download the following files on your PC. The links to download are;





Now, connect your Samsung Galaxy Grand to the PC with the help of USB Cable.


Now the update which has been installed on the Desktop needs to be copied. Simply “Copy UPDATE-SUPERSU” to the Grand 2.


Now easily “Extract” the same file on your device. This must be done after you have successfully copied the above mentioned download to your connected Grand 2 folder.


This step is a bit lengthy and needs to be followed carefully. You have to switch the device, simply to “Download Mode.”

Switch the cell phone “off”. After the shutting is successfully completed, press “Volume Down + Home + Power Button”, all together. After a second or two, a warning sign will sprang up. There is no need to launch yourself into the details, we have that all covered. Press the “Volume Up” button now. After you have successfully pressed the Volume Up Button, the downloading will start.

The Volume Up button signifies that you want to continue the process. In case, you are having second thoughts on rooting your device, press the Volume Down button and the process will be stopped.


Now, simultaneously open the Odin file on your desktop. The option box will emerge. From there, you have to choose, “Run as administrator” option. Now, click on AP and select CWM Test.

As the new option box emerges,”Uncheck the Auto Reboot” option.


Remove the USB Cable which was attached to your cell phone via PC. Take off the battery for about 5 seconds.


After the screen goes blank and nearly 5 seconds have passed, put the battery back. Now press Volume Up + Power + Home button all together. You Galaxy Grand 2 will once again be back to life. Note that the left side of the screen above shows that the device is in the “Custom Recovery” mode.

After the mode ends, select the Enter options from different modes available. Install Zip than choose Super Su from Internal Storage or SD Card.  Swipe Right, and then click on the update Super Su installing option. Different commands and options will now start to appear on your screen before the Android icon.

Now, from the different options available Reboot the System and your device will be rooted. The Grand 2 will turn on and the Android will start upgrading. A new app “Super Su” will be a part of the apps section now. Open it; select the “Continue” and then “Normal”.

How to easily root your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2? Read how!

The phone will command you to wait for a bit. Now, a new option will appear, from there disable the “Knox” option. After successfully disabling it, you have to check if the system is properly rooted or not. For that, go to the Play Store and Download Root Checker.

With the help of the app verify you root status. Congratulations, you have successfully completed the procedure. Bingo! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.