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How to easily sideload apps using Xcode on Apple TV 4?

How to easily sideload apps using Xcode on Apple TV 4?
Source: Redmond Pie

Apple has been constantly introducing changes to its long lists of products. Similarly, the Cupertino Giant also wants its users to be comfortable and reassured while using its daily-life sort of products. One such item from the company is the Apple TV.

Apple TV, although being expensive, has managed to grab the eyes of the tech-loving, modern audience around the world. The fourth-gen Apple TV, the Apple TV 4, is the most latest and the well-known addition to the TV series from the tech giant. Likewise, Xcode 7 is one of the great thing that has made Apple popular than ever.

Xcode 7 is the function through which the users can easily install the required apps in their devices without looking into Apple Store, jailbreaking or paying an Apple Developer. The Xcode 7 is certainly beneficially for those apps which will never be able to make their place in Apple Store. This indirect method of installing the apps on your device is known as “sideloading”.

How to easily sideload apps using Xcode on Apple TV 4?

Today, the reason behind this post is to tell you the correct procedure through which you can sideload apps on your Apple TV 4. With the help of this method, you can install all the apps and web browsers you wanted but Apple never allowed you to do so through the tvOS App Store.


Let’s start with the procedure now, but before that you need to know the essentials for the sideloading.


An Apple TV 4. Keep in mind that the TV should be running on the latest tvOS.

An Apple Developer account. You can also use you free account. Well, if you don’t have one than make your account at Apple’s website.

An Apple PC or Mac with pre-installed Xcode 7. If you don’t have Xcode 7 already installed on your make, download it free from the Mac App Store.

A USB-A to USB-C cable.

An already available sideloaded Xcode project by the developer for the Apple TV.

The complete procedure to sideload apps on Apple TV is as follows;


The most initial yet necessary part of this procedure is the USB-A to USB-C cable. As mentioned above, this cable is a necessary part of this procedure.

How to easily sideload apps using Xcode on Apple TV 4?

You need to connect your Apple TV 4, which needs to be pre-loaded, to your Mac with the help of this cable.


After connecting the Apple TV to Mac, connect the TV with the power source. The connection will be made with the help of a power cable that came packaged with the TV.

Keep in your mind that the cable you are using to connect TV with power outlet should be official Apple TV cable.


We have already told in the requirements about the Xcode 7 project that is available to sideload. In this stage, you have to download the codebase of that project. Such project can be easily found through GitHub, which has a list of several entries which can help you.

How to easily sideload apps using Xcode on Apple TV 4?
A screen grab of GitHub that will help you to download.

Find the compatible project of your choice, or as per you need. Now, after choosing copy the replica of the URL mentioned under the category of HTTPS clone URL. It can be found in the right sidebar to the clipboard of your Mac.


After completing copying the clone, launch Xcode on your PC. From the top menu, choose the Source Control option. After choosing the mentioned option, select Check Out.


How to easily sideload apps using Xcode on Apple TV 4?

Now rewind back to the process you have done in stage 3. A quick review is that you copied the clone URL in the required category. Now, copy all the pasted text of the clipboard to the Clone URL. It is situated right below the repository location.


How to easily sideload apps using Xcode on Apple TV 4?

After you are successfully done with pasting the relevant information an interface will pop up. From there, choose the Master branch of the repository. Click Next and finally click the Download button.


As soon as the download will be finished, the entire project would be present on the location you have already chosen on your computer. After that, it will be loaded in Xcode.

How to easily sideload apps using Xcode on Apple TV 4?

On the top bar of the Xcode, select the name of your project. It will be located beside Stop and Play buttons as project > [projectname]TV-release. Now, from the drop-down menu, select your connected Apple TV 4 from the list of all the available devices.


In order to run the project, click on the built-in Play button. After that install the project to the connected Apple TV you have chosen on the stage above.


The procedure has somewhat completed. In order to entirely, complete the required process, Xcode will ask you to sign in with your developer account. The need to log in is to provision the installation of the application.

If you have already signed in, then the procedure won’t require it. If on the contrary, the sign-in would be necessary.


The process is already done. Now disconnect the Apple TV from the Computer slot after the installation is complete. Connect as the normal Television set now. Activate the sideloaded app and install whatever you want.

This is all you needed to know about the procedure to sideload apps on Apple TV 4. After you have successfully completed the procedure, download your favorite apps. Sit on the couch with a mug of steaming hot coffee and? Enjoy!! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.