How to enable Siri on Apple TV 4 in the countries where it is not enabled

How to enable Siri on Apple TV 4 in the countries where it is not enabled

Siri support is among the key features on the new Apple TV 4. The virtual assistant service has already convinced its users with usefulness on other Apple devices. However against other device Siri can prove a substantial addition to Apple TV as it simply changes the way remote control is used. When you purchase the new Apple TV 4 it carries the Siri enabled remote control out of the box. But Siri on Apple TV 4 is allowed in limited countries and not all the users from different part of world will be able to use the Siri on Apple TV 4 remote control.

Apple has restricted the services to selected countries. As per Apple announcement only users in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, UK and US can avail the feature. However, if you are not among the lucky users of supported countries then no need to worry about. You are not as unlucky as you may thought. Just follow the simple steps and enjoy the features of new Apple TV with complete Siri support on the Apple TV 4.

Step 1: Go to your Apple TV settings, using the Siri enabled Remote. Switch the language to English in ‘Language And Region’ settings.

Step 2: Now what you need to do is to change your location to any supported country. For this, navigate to Account settings >> iTunes and App Store >> Preferences >> Location. Select any of the eight countries mentioned above.

Step 3: After changing your location it also requires an Apple ID from the same country. Create an Apple ID with its location set to the listed country, here for instance the US. Thus using your US based Apple ID sign in. Navigate to Account settings and then iTunes and App Store.

Step 4: Now you just need to reboot your Apple TV and you are done with Siri on your Apple TV 4. You may get the features on board just be setting up things but with a reboot you may avoid some possible errors.
Just navigate to general settings and you should find Siri option available there. Now just feel easy talking to your TV.

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