How To use the Stopwatch app in Apple Watch

How To use the Stopwatch app in Apple Watch

Stopwatch includes among the common used utilities included in the smartphone. And on iPhone like all other features Apple has made the utility interesting and nice to use. The app with same features you will find on the Apple Watch along with other cool apps. As the features is more related to the Watch then the iPhone therefore Apple has designed it accordingly. Now using the Apple Watch you can use stopwatch easily and in more user friendly way.

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It not only gives you the services of stopwatch but also assists the function on your iPhone. Now you don’t need to go through the clock app on iPhone where you will find the stopwatch but right on the watch face you can have the entire job done. On your Apple watch you are provided several ways to get to the app. Here we will till you in brief to open and use the app in most efficient way.

Apple Watch Stopwatch app

Following the usual process you can go for the icon of stopwatch that you can find in orange color with white circle. You can also take advantage of Apple’s voice assistant the Siri. To open the app viva Siri, just go to the Digital Crown of your Watch and press and hold it. Now say the command, ‘Hey Siri open Stopwatch.’ This should take you to the stopwatch without any complication.


Here you will find some circles in colors that are colored will for ease of functions. To start the stopwatch press the green circle and to stop just press the red circle. This is much easy and can work with extreme preciseness. Circles are good in looks but not fixed at a particular side of the face. Thus you may find the green circle on different coroner defending on your watch. You can also change the view of stopwatch by pressing the face for a while.

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