How to use Apple Watch when not paired with iPhone

How to use Apple Watch when not paired with iPhone

Apple Watch is an amazing device which offers many useful features right on your wrist but for most of the key features you need to have an iPhone 5 or later to pair with the Apple Watch. Without iPhone your Apple watch will function minimally as you will get the basic features of a smartwatch but not the incentives of an Apple made fancy smartwatch.

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Unlike Apple Watch, many of the Android Wear watches work stand alone with their full functionality. For instance the Gear S by Samsung comes with 3G service. Such Android watches will also give you some additional features if connected to a device but without your phone connect, they will still remains fully functional.

As this has been a bit unpleasant experience for the Apple Watch users the company is now considering to enhance the stand alone capabilities of the Apple Watch. Soon you may get Apple Watches which are completed in their functionality without asking for pairing you iPhone with it. However, the minimal functionality on a stand alone Apple Watch is also worth considering. Here we are pointing out some of them.

As we know the iPhone cannot connect to a public or any unrecognized WiFi hot spot as its WiFi connectivity is specific. You need the pairing with the device to register a WiFi connectivity with your Apple Watch and then use it over the appropriate band WiFi.

You can use the basic functions like clock, alarm, timer and stopwatch without connecting the Apple Watch to iPhone. The synchronized playlists are also accessible along with other synced apps. you can make changes and also can record tracks of your exercise which are updated when your Apple Watch gets connected to you iPhone. You can also view the photos on your synchronized app.

Apart from these basic tasks you can use the Apple Pay service. When you are near a POS terminal you can use the Apple Pay app without having your iPhone. These and some other service makes your Apple Watch useful wearable without your iPhone but it is not sufficient. Therefore we expect a stand alone Apple Watch next.

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