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Install PlayStation, N64 Emulator On iOS

Playing console games is another great experience with the bigger screen of recent Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus you will even have a more improved gaming experience. Also like playing the console games on your iPhone, iPad or iPod the installation of PlayStation and the N64 Emulator is not a boring experience instead you will enjoy it.

The above video shows step by step tutorial on how to install Playstation or Nintendo Emulator on your iPhone or iPad.

Here in this short tutorial we will describe briefly the process you need to follow to install PlayStation and N64 Emulator on your iOS. Just going through this tutorial you can simply enable your iPhone to run the console games with their full functions.

First of all before starting the tutorial it must be ensured that you are having a jailbreak Apple device to perform the installing as we are going to use the RetroArch app on Cydia.

Here we go for the simple steps to follow:

Step 1: In the first step go to your home screen and launch Cydia, and just let it load completely.

Step 2: After launching Cydia you will find the search button, just hit it.

Step 3: Here in the search type in ‘RetroArch,’ it will show the tweak in the search results, to go on, tap it once.

Step 4: It should now open up the RetroArch Cydia page where on the top right corner of your screen you can find the Modify button, first tape at and then go for the install option. This will install the tweak on your device.

Step 5: Right for here you have the tweak installed, so go to you home screen and you will find the shortcut, now launch it.

Step 6: Now as you see the app running will, first hit the home button right there.

Step 7: From here go to your Safari and brows your favorite PlayStation or N64. After searching download the ROM in your device storage.

Step 8: After downloading the favorite console game launch the emulator. From the emulator you have to load the ROM you have downloaded earlier, for this you have to hit the ‘load content’ button on the emulator.Now browse and choose the ROM you have downloaded and then run the emulator.

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