iOS 8 best features, The Sky’s the limit

iOS 8 best features, The Sky’s the limit

Editor’s choice of iOS 8 Best Features

iOS 8, Apple’s latest operating system for its smart devices looks very similar to old iOS 7. But if we compare both the versions, the newer version, iOS 8 features big improvements as compared to the older version iOS 7. Apple is a bit slow when it comes to match up with mobile software features of competitor companies like Android, but this time, Apple has made huge improvements in iOS 8 as it has plenty of features which will surely be appreciated by the users. Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook declared iOS 8 as a giant release, after seeing the features of the latest mobile operating system by the Apple we can say that Tim Cook was not kidding at that time.

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Here are some of the best features of iOS 8.

Notifications are easier to access


An Interactive notification is one of the best features of iOS 8. With this feature now you can respond to texts, email, reminders and messages within apps such as Facebook from the notification banners that pops up at the top of the screen. Now as an alternative of just showing all your open apps, it shows thumbnail images of those people with whom you communicate very often. With this App it has become much easier to reply to notifications. For example If you get a text message, it would emerge on the top of your iPhone screen, but instead of opening the messaging app, you can reply right from the home screen.

Fitness and HealthKit


iOS 8 has become identical in terms of fitness and health just after the software was announced this year. The newest version of iPhone OS, iOS 8 features a new Health app and its one of the iOS 8 Best Features. Health app allows the users to create complete logs for their daily fitness, nutrition and sleep habits. The health app also allows a digital emergency card which can be accessed from your iPhone’s lock screen if you get sick. Healthkit can determine the blood pressure of the patient whether it is in the right range or not. If not, the Healthkit can call the doctor and hospital.

Battery Monitoring


Battery life is always a top concern for iPhone users and they always search for tips and tricks to save battery life on iPhone. Apple has introduced new battery monitoring feature in iOS 8. With this feature in your iOS 8 now you can discover which app is sucking away your battery life and then you can clean your iPhone storage, there is a handy tool which tells you percentage of which app is grabbing up your battery. To identify the apps which you should close when not in use to save your battery, visit General > Usage > Battery Usage. This tiny step might add a few extra hours to battery of your iPhone.

A Better Way to Message


iOS 8 users now have extra control over group messages. It doesn’t take too much time for a group text conversation now. iOS 8 users can namne their conversation, add or remove people, and set ‘Do Not Disturb’ for individual message threads. Furthermore, now the users can share location information and share photos within the thread. If you want to mute the conversation for a while or want to leave it is very easy with iOS 8. You will not find any difficulty to mute the conversation or leave it. Sharing content via text also becomes easier, you will be able to now shoot a video for a friend and send on the same time from your location with a tap of the screen.

Camera Timer and slo-mo Video

Apple has introduced slo-mo Video options in iOS 8, which can help you take videos in slow motion. See the above video as sample. Another new feature in iOS 8 is to take the Selfies are not as difficult as before. Apple added a timer to its Camera app, which allows the users 3 to 10 seconds to capture the photo exactly when and how they want it. 3 to 10 seconds are enough to get ready for the adjustment for your selfie. You don’t have to use your hands every time to take the selfie because you can also also prop up your device before setting the timer.

Spotlight finds more


Spotlight Search in older version of Apple mobile operating system,iOS 7’s was a great way to find apps quickly and in iOS 8 it can do much more. You can search for restaurants, news stories, landmarks, music (both local and from iTunes) and even movie times by just swiping the Spotlight bar down from the top of the screen. When you search for a movie, Spotlight will not only search local theater listings, content available for streaming will be searched as well. Spotlight now can search Wikipedia and this makes it considerably smarter search tool than ever before.

Key People Shortcut


When the Home button is pressed twice on your device, you will not only see the webpages but you open the faces of people whom you have recently talked to. This feature makes easy to call or text your favorite person right away. The down side, highlights these contacts which you may not want others to know. For example, if you have deleted a conversation you recently had with someone and you don’t want others to know about this conversation unfortunately their name will still display on the top. To remove this feature, visit Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Show in App Switcher and switch it of Off.

Swipe to Delete


In iOS 8 you can save your valuable time by swiping left to get rid of individual messages, this is an alternative of hitting the small ‘trash can’ icon for each email. While doing this you Just have to be very careful because removing emails is so easy that sometimes it removes when you want to do other tasks. Just be very careful while deleting, drag your finger slowly on a message will let you flag or archive it. Swiping to the right will reveal the feature to mark a message as unread.

Improved Photos and Camera Apps


iOS 8 features plenty of photo functionality to enjoy. If you are unable to get an iPhone 6 with an enhanced iSight camera, don’t worry iOS 8 allow you plenty of camera features already. In iOS 8 the Photo app is updated with an automatically straighten pictures, and new editing tool which allows the users to adjust their pictures. With this photo app you can adjust brightness, exposure and shadows with just a few taps of your thumb. The photo App in iOS 8 has got more control over your camera.

Audio Messages


In iOS you can record and send audio snippets via text messages now as well. If you want to send a quick voice message, but don’t want to get into a conversation over the phone, you can now use this feature and send your voice message via message section. This makes iOS 8 Messaging like WhatsApp Messaging where you can send instant short Audio and Videos directly to your friends.

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