Top 10  iOS 8 secret Features you will love the most

Top 10 iOS 8 secret Features you will love the most

iOS 8, Apple’s latest operating system for its smart devices looks very similar to old iOS 7.But if we compare both the versions of Apple’s operating system, the newer version, iOS 8 features a big improvement than the old version iOS 7. iOS 8 has many new features , Notifications are easier to access, Fitness and HealthKit, Battery Monitoring, Camera Timer, Improved Photos and Camera Apps and Swipe to Delete are some of the features on Apple’s latest mobile operating system. All the features which I mentioned are visible and mostly people are very much aware of these feature. But here we have some secret features of iOS 8 which the users probably have not used yet.

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Apple has secreted a collection of new features, tricks and tools deep into its new iOS 8. Many of these secret features hidden in your iOS 8 are not easy to discover but you have don’t have to find these features because we have collected here the list of important iOS 8 secret features for your convenience.

Hide Photos

hide photos iOS 8 secret features

In iOS 8 there is a one neat hidden feature which hides your photos without deleting them. If you want to hide any photo and don’t want anyone else to see this photo you will surely appreciate this hidden feature of iOS 8. To hide a photo which you want just Tap and hold a photo in the Photos app then an option “hide” will surface. With this feature you can remove the photo from Collections, Moments and Years and keep it save in the Hidden album. The photo you hide can still be visible in your albums, but no more available to see in Moments, Collections, or Years. For many this is one of the best iOS 8 secret features!

GrayScale Mode

Grayscale Mode iOS 8 secret features

If you do not want colors in your device there is an option in iOS 8 to make your device colorless. For the users who are not big fan of colors, iOS 8 features a new grayscale mode. With this feature iOS 8 users now can vintage flare to the device. To make everything black and white in your device visit General > Accessibility and select ‘Grayscale’. After this all the things from the home screen including apps and email will be displayed in black and white.

Create an Empty Home Screen


If you want a completely empty home screen of your device you can do this in iOS 8 as well. You can hide everything from the first screen of your device if you want. To hide any app from the home screen of your device Just hold down on an app and when it starts wiggling, drag it away from the first home screen of your device. You can leave a few apps in the menu bar tray at the bottom as well as you can make your home screen completely blank if you would like.

Set Up Notifications for Specific Email Threads


If you have an important email thread going on and don’t want to allow email alerts for everything. There is one hidden feature in iOS 8 which can surely resolve your problem. To enable email alerts for Specific Email Threads Just swipe left on an email, select the ‘More’ option, and then select ‘Notify Me’. Now, you will get notifications from that email thread only. This feature allows you set up to alert when you expect an important response to an email. For this, Visit your inbox, swipe an email to the left, select More > Notify Me to get alerts when anyone responds to the email thread.

Bring back deleted photos


If you have deleted a photo accidentally, don’t worry too much because now iOS 8 provides you facility to bring back the deleted photos. In iOS 8 it is possible to bring the deleted photo back. There is a new Recently Deleted album in the Photo app which stores deleted pictures for 30 days before they disappear from your device.

Scan Credit Card Numbers

While you order something online and don’t want to mess around with typing out a credit card number there is a feature in iOS 8 through which you don’t have to type a credit card number. In iOS 8 you now you will be able take a picture of your credit card and your credit card number will pull up on your iPhone 6 screen automatically. Not only this there is another thing, if you are making a purchase via the Safari browser, an option to ‘Scan Credit Card’ will be shown, you don’t have to go manually type in details. Read more on How to use Apple Pay.

Battery Monitoring


If you are wondering which app is draining battery of your iDevice there is a feature in your iOS 8, which helps you discover which apps is sucking away your battery life. There is a handy tool which gives a percentage of app which is grabbing up your battery. To identify the apps which you should close when not in use to save your battery, Visit General > Usage > Battery Usage. You can turn off the app which is draining your device’s battery through this tool and this step can become a handy tool to add a few extra hours to battery of your mobile. Read More on How to increase battery life using iOS 8.

Manage Apple ID

With iOS 8 you can manage your Apple ID via your iDevice also, it means now you don’t have to go through iTunes or the Apple App Store to manage your Apple ID account. To manage your Apple ID now you don’t have to go through a long process now you can manage your Apple ID on your device by to Settings > iCloud and log into your account by touching your email address highlighted at the top of the screen.

Timed Selfies


In iOS 8, Selfies are made easy to take, in this version of Apple’s biggest iOS release, Selfies are not as difficult as before. You have 3 to 10 seconds to set up yourself for the selfie because Apple added a timer to its Camera app. This feature allows the user to wait for 3 to 10 seconds to capture the photo accurately as they want it. I think 3 to 10 seconds are enough to get ready for the adjustment for your selfie. Now your selfie can be taken without using the hands every time because now you can also prop up your device before setting the timer. To set a timer for your picture just open the Camera app, select the clock icon and then set the timer. You can also set the timer with Burst Mode, which captures more than one photo so as you will have plenty to pick from.

Multitasking With Email Draft


As Apple’s latest operating version for its smart devices, iOS 8 offers a plenty of others feature it has an amazing feature for multitasking with email draft. This feature allows you to read your inbox while you are in the middle of an email. To read your inbox while in the middle of an email just hold the top of the message and drag down. While holding don’t try to put your finger too high on the screen or the notifications tab will appear.

These were some of the important iOs 8 secret features. How long are you using iOS 8 for, and what do you want to add in this list. Do let us know through the comments section. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.