LifeProof iPhone 6  Case – Fre Series – protects iPhone 6 from drops, shocks, dust and water

LifeProof iPhone 6 Case – Fre Series – protects iPhone 6 from drops, shocks, dust and water

LifeProof case Fre Series is designed to protect iPhone 6 from drops, shocks, dust and water, claims a report.

The report further states that LifeProof case Fre Series is fully capable of protection iPhone 6 from any type of harm like dropping down from a certain height, disastrous shocks, unseen dust and from water.

LifeProof case Fre Series is manufactured by LifeProof Company, is owned by OtterBox, which has manufactured it in such a way which has become capable protecting iPhone 6 from any sort of above mentioned danger, it has strong protective mechanism.

iPhone 6 gets protection from all aspects by LifeProof Fre case like it covers headphone jack by screw cap when not in use, it covers primary and secondary camera along with its flash via thin plastic which protects it from scratches without affecting their image and videos quality.

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LifeProof Fre case covers all buttons by a smooth plastic which does not disturb their performance, users can easily up and down the volume by using volume up and down button. At the home button a protecting cover is present for its protection without disturbing the performance of touch ID.

The LifeProof Fre case is very thin in size and using it does not make users to feel difference holding the handset. Using the case gives you courage using iPhone 6 without fear of dropping down, entering dust, snow and water.

Its water resisting quality survives iPhone 6 from in 6 feet water for one hour. It covers front of iPhone 6 via plastic, but along with LifeProof Fre case, a users has to use specialized smaller cable for efficient functioning.
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