OWC MacBook USB-C dock provides 10 ports in one place

OWC MacBook USB-C dock provides 10 ports in one place

OWC, a USB manufacturing company, has made a portable USB, named OWC MacBook USB-C dock, is in its most developed form, which is comprised of 10 ports of different devices such as Ethernet connecting port, micro SD card slot, audio input and output ports, etc, with a display support if 4K HDMI. It is also small in size, just 12 inches. It possesses a cable for power supply of 80w which can charge all connected devices with it.

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The need of upgrading of a USB device came due to concept of making life easier to deal with. And also to increase the connectivity options on the MacBook. It gives you multiple connectivity which is unlike past, where we had very simple form of USB connectivity. The idea came with the passage of time, to make available all these important accessories in one place to make life easier.

OWC MacBook USB-C dock with back cables sd

With this idea, OWC struggled to shape the concepts into reality and bring it to the users in practical. Now after passage of much time on its production process, finally company reached to its final destination. And what we have in our hands is the ultimate portable USB device which consist 10 ports arranged in most useful way. It can be used in offices or by individual who deals with such accessories in daily basis.

OWC MacBook USB-C dock for MacBook

It is available in three colors which are silver, space gray and gold. These colors made the USB attractive with its natural look. The attractive and well furnished exterior makes it a good match with your device which you may want to use with perfect style. Its price is just $129 with a portable hub of $79.The prices sound quite satisfying and may attract a good number of customers to it. You can orders the port in advance, but delivery will began in October this year.

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