Google Pixel C Android Tablet with Keyboard



Google is nowhere behind when it comes to produce a series of high tech. Gadgets including the recent Android tablet Pixel C. Already Nexus 5X and Nexus 5P have created a great impression over the world market. Pixel C is android based tablet with a sleek design and beautiful keyboard attached with it. It is developed by the same great minds that are behind the Nexus 5X and Nexus 5P. Pixel C is an innovative piece of technology which is not inheriting the structure of its predecessors. It gives the look and impression of a full laptop. Let us look at the key features of this remarkable piece of technology.

The Price

One can imagine such a great piece of technology must not be less expensive than any other competitive product out there. The price of Pixel C starts with $499 which is almost five hundred dollars. The interesting thing to note is that the keyboard itself costs $149. That is because everything is so technically perfect that a high cost is justified by the quality of the product. One great feature of this new keyboard is it can move backwards as well. For all these great hardware features, the price can vary between $499 to $599. You will however have to pay for the keyboard separately, which is another $149. iPad Air is another product which holds great similarity with Pixel C but not as worth mentioning.

Google Pixel C Prices

The amazing Pixel C comes with 32 GB and 64 GB models, the 32GB costs $499 and 64GB costs $599.However the UK and Australian prices are yet to be announced and it is expected to range around 330 pounds to 215 Australian dollar.

The New Detachable Keyboard

The new portable keyboard is not only slim but also lightweight. It can not only set to work at front but also has the capability of revolving backwards. The keyboard and tablet connect together with magnet which is so powerful that even the heaviest force cannot separate them. Google recently demonstrated a test which proved that this is no ordinary magnetic force that binds the keyboard and pixel C together. Its similar to a laptop keyboard with an exception of having no function keys. There are also some keys missing in this keyboard like the pipe and the bracket keys.

Google Pixel C Keyboard hands on

When the user want to use the external keyboard, the intelligent device has the perfect ability to detect that and it hides the touch keyboard at once. Therefore the users will have to take a little time to understand using it. Once mastered, it will be a piece of cake for your fingers to run over this keyboard. The keyboard provides an extra facility for the users to use it anytime for convenience; however the touch pad is always there to provide touch typing option as well. The external keyboard can be rolled over and closed easily when it is not needed. That is what makes this keyboard feature really fantastic. It is worth mentioning that the keyboard is a Bluetooth keyboard.

The Android Browser

The Google Chrome browser ranks No.1 among the internet users around the world beating firefox, Safari and internet explorer. But in Pixel C, Google has decided to use the Android Chrome browser. Though Android Chrome is nowhere matching the superiority of Google Chrome browser. But Google is really supporting its users in tremendous way and their support is getting better and better every day with every new product.

Google Pixel C Tablet With Keyboard Attached

The Hardware

In terms of hardware, the new Pixel C tablet is no less than its predecessors. It consists of 3GB RAM with a quad core Nividia Terga X1 processor. The amazing thing is screen size which is 10.2 inches. The screen resolution is excellent. The resolution of 2560 * 1800 is possible for a better crispy quality. The contrast and brightness is also adjustable to higher and lower levels as desired. There are two nice stereo speakers which produce good quality sound. The Android screen can move at the angle of 230 degrees. There is also a USB connector for connectivity purposes.

Pixel C comes with USB C Type port

The software which Google has decided to use for Pixel C tablet is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The Pixel team has really done a remarkable job yet another time and have lived up to their reputation. The tablet is lightweight and does not weight around one pound. When attached with the external keyboard, the fabulous Pixel C does not weight more than two pounds.

The Battery Life

That is truly amazing that the battery life of the Pixel C tablet is nearly 10 hours. However it depends upon the charging level of the tablet. In case of fully charged, the keyboard can work for a time period of two months. That is a great enhancement.

Is Mouse Usable

The mouse is really not a necessity in Pixel C Android Tablet but yes it is possible to use a mouse if user desires. All he needs to do is to connect a mouse with Bluetooth and here it goes.

The Wifi Feature

Like the competitors , Pixel C also comes with a Wifi built-in feature. It gives fast and reliable connectivity with the wireless networks. Google Nexus 5x also has a wifi features similar to that.


The Google has done a marvelous job here again by releasing Pixel C. From battery life to Android Marshmallow and the magnetic keyboard, the unit is a completely amazing product. An Android user can never be happier for anything other than getting his hands on this new model.

Google Pixel C back view


It gives the look and facility of a full laptop computer or a personal computer. Undoubtedly the popularity and sales are expected to grow in the days to come for Pixel C Tablet. As Microsoft did a great job with its Surface products , Google is leaving no stone unturned to beat Microsoft. Pixel C already proves itself a strong competitor of Microsoft Surface series. Moreover Google has made sure that it supersedes the Apple iPad series popularity as well. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.