Siri on Android: How To’s and FAQ

Siri for Android : How To's and FAQ


Siri for Android is a personal assistant that intelligently helps. It assists you to send messages with your voice, make phone calls, setting schedules and meetings, and helps the user to do much more for accomplishing daily tasks.

But, when we talk about Siri on Android, this is not a simple voice-recognizing assistant. The Android rendition does not only remember your commands and speech, but it has the capability of reacting to and understanding your speech. As similar as to your human assistant; it asks you questions to gain more information about the task. Let’s take a look at the important FAQs about Siri on Android;

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Which Version Of Android is Suitable?

Any device running the Android version 2.3 or higher can use the Siri for Android assistant. Google Pixel C Android can also use the Siri Assistant.

Can Siri Be Installed Successfully On Android?

can siri be installed on android

The answer is Yes. If anyone wants to install Siri on their Android device, they can do it. As a matter of fact, it works perfectly well on Android. It was not however meant to be for Android when it first came. The Apple team did a lot of hard work to remove the errors in Siri for accomplishing the Android goal.

Is Siri for Android, Free Software?

Apple created the Siri app and decided to make it free for the users, and it remains free for Android users as well.

How To Install Siri for Android?

The step-by-step procedure to install Siri on Android is;

  1. Download the Siri App free from the download page.
  2. Install the drivers on your computer or laptop. Your Windows 7 or 8.1 will install the drivers automatically.
  3. Bring your device into the mass storage mode. It may be by default in this mode.
  4. Drag the .apk file from your computer which you just downloaded and place it in the internal storage of your tablet. iPhone 6S plus recently made a lot of improvements. It also contains a “Hey Siri” functionality which is always on.
  5. Launch the file manager to tap on the .apk file.
  6. Confirm to install when the device asks you to install it.

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How To Ask Questions From Siri?

Siri for Android : How To's and FAQ

As soon as you open the Siri app for Android, you hear two beeps. When you see on the screen something like “what can I help you with”, appears on the screen, tap the microphone to keep telling commands.

There is another way to talk to Siri besides this. You can also use headphones and Bluetooth headsets. Just keep pressing the center button and continue talking.

Siri For Android is intelligent enough to keep listening to you for as long as you speak, it actually waits for you to stop the conversation. 

How Does Siri Respond To Questions?

Siri on Android: How To's and FAQ

Siri listens to what you have said and when you stop saying it; Siri displays it in the form of text and provides you with the appropriate response. If it needs more information to provide a response, then Siri further asks you some questions. That is very interesting and helpful.
Siri reads your messages back to you when you are using a headphone or an earphone.

How Do I Speak To Get Siri Response?

You can talk to Siri as easily as you would to a personal assistant. Siri is a lot human-like. For example, you can simply say ” what will be the weather like tomorrow?” to ask about weather prediction.

Does Siri Works Out Of The Box?

Yes, of course, Sir works out of the box. The most amazing thing about Siri is that the more you talk to it, the more intelligent it gets and responds to you really well; as time progresses. It not only learns your accent but also improves its responses. 

What Kind Of Things Can Siri Do For Me?

Siri on Android: How To's and FAQ

Siri can do an amazing set of things for your personal and professional needs. It can make calls, play music, schedule appointments, provide weather and sports results and chat with you in your fun time as a buddy. Siri learns about you from the contact information that you save in your settings.

How Many Languages does Siri Support?

Siri for Android can understand and speak the following Languages:
French, English, German, US English, UK English, Australian English, Canadian English, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Danish, Korean, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin.

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