Apple Watch vs Samsung Gear S2 Comparison

Video: Apple Watch vs Samsung Gear S2 Comparison

As we all know Apple made a late entry into wearable market but with the Apple Watch it made the impression. Among a huge number of Android wears including some from the key vendors Apple made its own identity. Now when we have Apple earning much from the industry the competition is tough for others. Among these Samsung steps in with its Samsung Gear S2 to give the wearable users an equally powerful alternative. Read our Complete Apple Watch Review as well.

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Like smartphone market the wearable market seems having the same degree of competition by the key players. But is Samsung version of wearable as powerful to beat Apple Watch? Here is a brief comparison.

First thing to differentiate and also to compare both smartwatches is the interface. What to choose among Android and iOS. There are limitations for both. If Samsung Gear S2 is bound to Android smartphones only the Apple Watch supports iPhone. Though it depends of which ecosystem you like most but some other points may help you identifying the best for you.

After the inside environment, apps and interface of both devices what remains as the key comparing point is the design. Samsung Gear S2 being an Android device supports more users open option in all fields even designing. The wearable is made with a circular dial that brings a modern design concept that varies with version to version. There is also a classic view available for the Gear S users.

Against the refreshed view of Samsung Gear S2, the Apple Watch design has set its own following in the market. The Watch is made with just few options featuring mix of classic and luxury devices. Also Apple manages its market within its limited options therefore it don’t offer much variations. Still they are good and up to the mark for the choice of potential users. Watch the detailed comparison between Apple Watch VS Samsung Gear 2 by Dom Esposito

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