Video:  How to weight objects using 3D Touch feature of iPhone 6S

Video: How to weight objects using 3D Touch feature of iPhone 6S

Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus follow the traditions of their family adding up new possibilities to the smartphone world. There are number of features that are worth praising but what caught the eyes the most when they were launched includes the 3D touch feature.

The 3D touch which uses the concept of pressure touch over a force sensitive display has simply enlarged the scope of smartphone usage. Now with pressure enabled screen, you will have a number of new options while using the iPhone 6S which were not possible earlier. This opens way for developers to make real the ideas to bring new apps that uses the particular area.

The new App comes out of enthusiastic developer Simon Gladman who is going to make your iPhone 6S weighing objects. The new App will allow you to compare weights of object by using the advantageous pressure sensitivity of the iPhone 6S display. The percentage of touch felt on the 3D touch display of iPhone 6S tells you the details about the object you place. Enjoy the video here.

The app is dubbed as the ‘Plum-O-meter’ that is aimed to add a measurement tool into your new iPhone 6S. As we can assist following the extended features which allow the app to do is yet a jailbreak one. Those who are ready to try out the jailbreak tweaks can make use of it instantly. But if you have not compromised your device yet than there are almost no chance to get it from the official App Store.

According to the details of the app to acquire data it makes private API calls. Which is indeed not possible without jailbreaking your iPhone. However it limits its use for now but in a quite smart way increase another functionality and possible use of Apple’s newly added feature. We may get similar tools included officially in future.

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