Voltus a portable charger for your MacBook

Voltus a portable charger for your MacBook

The new MacBook comes with an improve arrangement for power issues. You can easily find the USB-C port on the 12-inch MacBook. This port allows, not only for data connectivity but also to connect with a charging source. With this facility, you can now connect your MacBook to any USB power bank which are basically designed for smartphones and tablets.

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Along with this feature, using the Voltus you can charge a MackBook with a similar rate as it is charged normally on AC source. The Voltus also provide you a USB hub where you can connect some extra ports. Although MacBook can also be charged using other third party power banks but those all are designed for mobile devices. The MacBook uses the 29-m output which is higher than the output of mostly USB power banks. If you use such power bank to charge your MacBook, it will take more time to charge it and will also have effects on its power consumption pattern.

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The Voltus is specifically design to address this issue therefore it provides a faster charging and a stable battery performance. You will get about 9 to 13 hours of additional battery life on your MacBook with Voltus. The USB-C output on your MacBook works with the original cable that comes with your MacBook or with the separate cable of the Voltus itself.

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Although, it is made specifically for your MacBook but it can work perfectly with other USB devices including your iPhone and other Apple gadgets. It also provides better battery performance on your mobile gadgets. You can simultaneously charge a MacBook, iPhone and iPad without any issue.

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You can purchase a Voltus in three colors to match it to your MacBook’s color so it may look an essential part of your MacBook. The price starts at $149 which are increased with more stylish styled models.

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