What is Android TV? All Android TV queries in one place!

What is Android TV? All Android TV queries in one place!

All Android TV queries in one place!

After the successful entry of Apple in the Television market, Google also thought to make an appearance. Putting all the stakes at risk, the famous tech giant; Google, debuted in the sector just nearly a year ago. Most of the tech lovers including me, unfortunately, forgot that the TV event exists!

Sadly, the Android TV did not manage to get as much as attention as the four generations of Apple TV or just simply other Android products. But if you are a real Android geek then this TV matters to you as any other important thing would. So, if you are elevated with the idea of Android TV or simply want to know what it is, we have managed to make a short FAQ type of list just for you.

Read and make your decision if you want to risk buying it or not…

What Actually Is Android TV?

Android TV is a simple TV pathway by Google for all the Android tech lovers. The TV is most of all accentuated with Android Lollipop, for most of the time. The famous Android platform is specifically visible on the TVs and set-top boxes.

Similar to the Apple TV functioning, it also provides you complete access to the connected Google Play Store. You can download the well-matched and harmonious TV apps to your Android TV from the Play Store.

If Android TV Is Google Powered than How Is It Different from Google TV?

All Android TV queries in one place!

There used to be a Google TV, now it is long forgotten. Android TV is somewhat a contemporary of Google TV. Google’s viewing giant was announced at Google I/O 2014. The main difference between the two is that Google TV has the main function of searching everything smartly and fusing the main aspects of web into a TV. While, the Android TV is all about watching TV with some apps, games and other smart features,

Do you know there is a very appalling similarity between the two too? Both dissolved in popularity as soon as they came. Poor luck!

What Technology Supports Android TV and its seamless functioning?

Google Cast is the mysterious wonder behind the Android TV. It is the tech under the hood which lets you stream all the content from your tablet, laptop or a phone to the connected speakers or TV. The streaming content can be movies or YouTube audio or videos etc.

All Android TV queries in one place!

Google Cast is also the one behind Chromecast. Google Cast lets you stream it, but keep in mind that Chromecast is not in any way a by-product of Android TV. Well, there is no need to involve Chromecast anyway, because Android TV supports its own “casting” too. All you need is a set top box or TV that runs on Android TV and you’re done.

Android TV Support What Kind Of Apps And How Many Are There?

Android TV supports all the apps, you would want to stream or what you would probably want to include in your TV. Netlfix, HuluPlus, MLB. TV, BlinkBox, BBC iPlayer as well as HBO are also among the supported.

All Android TV queries in one place!

The Android TV supports different apps for sports, games, news and movies etc. In a nut shell, there are over 600 Android TV channels in the connected Google Play Store.

Are There Any Interesting Games Apart From The Usual Apps?

The game freaks won’t be disappointed luckily. There are number of enjoyable apps for game lovers too. Those who wish to convert their Android TV into a gaming zone would be satisfied from its offerings. Most of the games can be easily played by the remote, but there are some very enjoyable games that will be compatible with a game controller too.

All Android TV queries in one place!

Some of the best games supported include Pac-Man, Badland, Table Top Racing Premium, Red Bull Air race, Orborun, Sky Force, Hungry Shark Evolution among many others. Please note that these games are all which can easily be played with the remote controller.

Does The Android TV Has Any Other Compelling Features Than Apps And Games?

The one thing you all would agree with me is that Android has its own ways of attracting audience. Like any other, android device the TV has voice search usage with all its grandeur. All that needs to be done is that you have to press a remote control or game controller’s button. They will both be available with set top box or TV. Through the help of these you can ask your Android TV any question you want.

You can simply ask questions like when was this movie released? Or is it was ever nominated? Or any other question you want!

Why Set-Top Boxes Differ?

There are different set-boxes by different companies. Each of them has nearly different specification and usages. The popular among them are Nexus Player, Razer Forge, and Nvidia Shield.

All Android TV queries in one place!

Among the famous three the most recommended and suitable for every class group is Nvidia Shield. It has 3GB of RAM along with 500GB of onboard storage. The top box is powered by Tegra X1 quad-core processor and has support for 4K output and 7.1 surround sounds. However, the set-top box is also pricier among the lot. It sets you back $299 for the 500GB version.

Where Is The Android TV Lacking?

The Android TV range has an exception of Amazon Instant Video. The app is not available but it comes pre-installed on Sony TVs. The presence of Amazon and its products is what makes any product distinguishable than other.

All Android TV queries in one place!

Amazon has set a bar of popularity. Non-inclusion of Amazon and its wide range of services on Android TV are a bit disappointing.

From Where To Get An Android TV?

Sharp, Sony and Philips are all set to launch their own Televisions with functioning of an Android TV. Sony’s sole model has also made its appearance in the U.S. during spring, 2015. Most of the models range between $1,500 and $5,000.

All Android TV queries in one place!

Users have a choice to select either HD model or a 4K model. If you don’t want to replace your TV set, you can also buy a solo set-top box with Android TV.

Should I buy An Android TV Or Not?

Well, this answer needs a bit of wait. The Android TVs have not surfaced with their full intensity anywhere. Nonetheless, it’s not me but you viewing habits which will gauge if you want an Android TV or not.

If you have an endless subscription of streaming channels and services, then this TV is really beneficial. Also, the Google Search feature will also help you track down all the information regarding films or the information regarding your favorite hero or heroine, you always wanted to know.

These are the question you all would be, most probably, waiting to get answered. Still any question left? Bomb them in the comments section and we will let you know!

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