What is Apple TV ? All you need to know

What is Apple TV ? All you need to know

Apple TV: All you need to know

Apple TV has revolutionized the Television platform. The TV is capable of providing you with full-time entertainment, information and fun. The Apple TV has been a milestone achiever since four generations and has left behind its long running competitors like Amazon Fire, Android TV and Nexus TV etc.

Apple TV is not a new phenomenon for anyone. We have been seeing, hearing and using it for about four years. The new TV set has probably got the most amazing functions ever. Apart from the mainstream functions, the fourth-gen giant has also incorporated some very amazing technologies and features. The Siri remote has also enhanced the user experience.

Well, the amazing new bundle of fresh features and experiences has left users somewhat bewildered. So, if you are facing problems with making your decision to buy this TV or not, we have highlighted all the important questions and information which comes to a user’s mind while buying. Learn about the astounding new specs of Apple TV and decide if you have a place in your lounge or not!

Is Apple TV offering App store like other TVs do?

This question is ranked among the top, due to its significance. Most people who have not used the Apple TV before would know that the App store was not a part of previous versions of Apple TV store. Due to this setback, the TV and the company had to face a lot of criticism. Well, why would we buy an expensive TV when it is offering us the same features as our 10-years old one? Or, why would we buy this TV when it is only an empty box?

The newest version of Apple TV has one again satisfied its customers. The new Apple TV has the most amazing App Store any TV would have ever got. This is why the new TV is striving very faster than its rivals; Google’s Android TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Is Siri remote any different than the normal remotes?

Apple TV, apart from the App store, has also included a surprising new change. The change is definitely par excellence with the inclusion of Siri Remote.  Though the previous remote was not bad, but it has no comparison than the new remote.

Siri remote has introduced a touch sensitive pad for navigation, but those who wish to use button they can also use them too. There is also a microphone, through which you can deliver voice commands. The motion sensors allow you to play game, so you won’t need a specific game controller for playing.

The remote has a charging for three months. It can easily be charged through a Lightning port on the bottom.

How to integrate and search with Siri?

The inclusion of Siri has been to remove all the negative perceptions of the TV. The idea has somewhat been ragged, but Apple has provided Siri on Apple TV with its own magical touch. You can say and command Siri to inform you with whatever you want. Siri can even respond to you while video is playing.

Siri has attracted a large consumer base for the Apple TV. With the built-in microphone and Siri into the remote you won’t have to face the hassle of on-screen keyboard and voice search etc. You can directly place your search without using any TV attached feature.


What exactly is the new Apple tvOS?

tvOS is the Apple’s exclusive Operating System based on iOS. The OS is only compatible with the Apple TV. The purpose of it is to permit all the third-party developers to design new apps that are based on the same software running on iOS, OS X, and watchOS.

The tvOS is exclusive for the new-gen Apple TV and it won’t work with any other previous version.

Can I update previous Apple TV to enjoy new features?

No. The answer is simple, plain No. As we mentioned above, all the new features are extremely new and are exclusive to the present model only. App Store, tvOS, new Siri remote, are all designed with keeping the new model and its purposes in mind.

Moreover, all the new functions run on the faster and more stable A8 processor. This is both the strategy and need of the Cupertino giant. Strategy because, why would Apple develop a new TV when you can enjoy all the perks in previous version? Obviously, the sales would decline with excruciating rate. Secondly, all the new apps and functions are only compatible with the faster and more efficient processor.

It is expected that, some recent models might have an update for important features. But, that’s indeed only a rumor!

How can I get Third-party apps?

The main reason for a new tvOS is to give users an access to download third-party apps, easily. You can download free apps, one-time paid apps, freemium apps, and even have in-app purchases through the App Store.

All the developers have an open access to the TV for their apps. But, Apple has given some of the partners a very advance access. This means that you have got a very cool bunch of apps on your very own Apple TV store. It will take some time, although, for a very wide variety and new functioning to introduce.

What kinds of apps will be available for Apple TV?

Apps will be as unique and creative as they can be. Because, it’s Apple TV. Apple has always been choosy when it comes to introduce apps and functions for its products. The video streaming feature is the fore-front for all the apps. A big plus here is that some very big names of the entertainment industry are endorsing the Apple TV.

ABC, Disney, HBO, Hulu, and Showtime are all licensing and promoting Apple TV, which means that you will be able to subscribe them. Apple has also said that full-time subscriptions would also be available for NBA, NHL, and MLB.

Apart from the entertainment apps and TV channels, games are also made part of the new TV. More games are fastly being introduced. Podcast, Photo-display, music-streaming audio service apps and slideshow-presentation, are also the core of the new apps available.


Will Siri’s search be accessible all over the internet?

Apple stated that the users can easily benefit from the famous services including iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, and HBO. From time to time, new services will be added to the tvOS. But it is possible to draw information and access other apps which are not officially part of the Apple TV.

Are third-party game controllers supported?

The Apple TV is easily giving you perks to use any game-controller from whatever developer you want. All the controllers certified by the Apple’s Made For iWhatever (MFi) program will be able to work.

Different game makers have also developed specialized controller to pair perfectly with your favorite game and other games as well.

Is new Apple TV a Wi-Fi base station?

Unfortunately No, the Apple TV still needs a basic Wi-Fi base station or an Ethernet switch to connect to some local available network or simply internet.

The new Apple TV also includes newest 802.11ac Wi-Fi networking.

Can I customize the icons as per my choice?

Yes, this one is fairly simple and allowed to all the Apple TV users. There are two different rows. There is a top row and the space above it, named as top shelf. Top row allows you to choose up to five apps to be adjusted there.

When you will select one of the top-row app. The shelf will show you all the content and information related to that particular app. For example, different parts of games, previews of media and supported content etc.

Will Apple allow Amazon apps to be loaded on Apple TV?

Amazon has different apps for music, video and different apps for shopping all suitable for iOS. This time, Apple has given a little freedom to all the developers and other big names who want to include their products in Apple TV.

Amazon is also in full power to develop an app for Apple TV. So, the answer is Yes.

How to choose between the different versions of Apple TV?

Apple TV comes with two different capacity renditions; 32GB or the 64GB. Users cannot choose or manage the storage all by themselves. The storage is taken care behind the new operating system, tvOS.

The more you play games or use the internet, the storage and the cache content will be more. The smooth performance and effective working also depends on the storage. So, if you are going to use Apple TV more than ever, than opt for the bigger option with bigger storage. Nonetheless, the 32GB option is also quite sufficient and good.

From where can I get Apple TV and what are the price details?

The shipping for Apple TV has already started on October 30. The sales have been in boom since them. You can order the TV now from Apple’s official website. The 32GB base model can be ordered for $149. The bigger rendition, 64GB comes with a price tag of $199. So, if you are ready to shed money order now!

Apple TV: All you need to know

This is all you needed to know about the Apple TV. There is tons of more information on the TV but that is what a basic user needs to know. If you are satisfied with what you hear, than order the TV now! Or, if you want to know more jump in the comments section.

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