How to enter into Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

How to enter into Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Besides many additions in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 now we have an improved stock recovery mode on Galaxy Note 5. The Galaxy Note 5 allows users to navigate through the recovery mode using its volume up and down button. This is unlike many other devices where it is quite tiresome navigating the recovery mode with only one of the two keys. Most people are usually required to enter the recovery mode on their device for factory reset, wiping data, or cleaning the cache of their device.

Here is a complete guide to using the handy stock recovery mode on the Galaxy Note 5. Once you have entered the recovery mode just use the volume buttons to navigate up or down. Also to mention the recovery mode on Galaxy Note 5 works for almost all versions of the Galaxy Note 5 irrespective of the carrier you are using.

Recovery mode on Galaxy Note 5

Steps To Enter Recovery Mode on Galaxy Note 5

Step 1: If you got your Galaxy Note 5 turned on, press its power button for a while to switch it off manually. If unable to do it manually, press and hold the button until it turns off.

Step 2: Now reboot your Note 5 into recovery mode. You can do this by pressing and holding the Home, Volume Up, and Power Buttons simultaneously. Keep all three buttons pressed until you see the menu for recovery mode.

Step 3: Now you have properly entered into the recovery mode on Galaxy Note 5 to make use of its various options. There you will find options including factory reset, wipe data, wipe cache partition and apply updates. Now using the volume up and volume down buttons navigate through the menu and press the power button to select and perform your desired option.

Also to note, in some devices hardware keys don’t work after entering the recovery mode. If you face any such situation then no need to worry about it. You can get the buttons functional in the recovery mode by installing the Quick Boot app. However, it requires root access and only those with rooted devices can use it.


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