How to get free Space on iOS device with PhoneExpander

How to get free Space on iOS device with PhoneExpander

PhoneExpander is made for you! If low memory of your iPhone, iPod or iPad is annoying you and your device is working slowly you don’t have to worry anymore because PhoneExpander has a solution for you. The PhoneExpander app is a nice solution for you if you’re running out of storage space, and getting error message of “there is not enough available storage”. Apple users have this problem more than often of course because they do not have Micro-SD card slot to expand the memory of their iOS devices. iPhone, iPod or iPad users have the memory problems for example when they try to take a photo or video, but instead of picture and video they receive “there is not enough available storage” error message.

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But now you don’t have to worry anymore as the PhoneExpander helps you to free up space in your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Even though at the moment, the PhoneExpander has some limitations as it works only with the Mac but it is still good enough for you to clear up space of your iOS devices after connecting it to the Mac. Officially the PhoneExpande works with the iOS 7 or newer versions, but according to developers they have tested it with the older version of iOS as well and it worked like a charm.

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To free up space of iOS device with the PhoneExpander is not as difficult as you think. For this purpose you need to have the Mac because currently the PhoneExpander is not available for the Windows.

To start freeing up space of your iPhone, iPod or iPad using the PhoneExpander just follow these steps.

Step 1 Download the PhoneExpander on your Mac.

Step 2 Launch the app by unzipping the zip file and copy the app to the Applications folder.

Step 3 Connect your iOS device to Mac, after connecting your iPhone, iPod or iPad you will get the confirmation message. Than It would tell you about the free space of your device and give you options to Clear Temporary files, Remove Apps and delete unwanted photos.

• Removing unwanted Apps on your iOS device with PhoneExpander


Removing unwanted is the easiest way to get more space for your iOS devices, and with the PhoneExpander it has become even more easy. Apps and games grab most of the storage of your iPhone, iPod or iPad, after removing that you can have a large amount of memory once again. To remove unwanted apps and games by using the PhoneExpander follow these steps.

1. First you have Click the Remove Apps button.

2. Then select the app which you don’t want to be deleted and click on the Remove button.

3. Now the PhoneExpander will delete temporary files and unwanted apps automatically. You can delete the apps manually as well but the PhoneExpander is so convenient so you don’t need to do this.

• Clear Temporary Files


Temporary files grab quite a large space of your phone or tablet. The apps stores these temporary files locally and these get a good amount of the space of iPhone, iPod or iPad but with the PhoneExpander you will not face this anymore. The PhoneExpander helps you to delete these temporary files with an easy way and an excellent thing about the app is, that it does not delete your settings. To clear temporary files with the PhoneExpander just follow these steps

1. Click on the Clear Temporary Files button.

2. After clicking on the Clear Temporary Files button you will have the display of the list of apps with the amount of memory taken.

3. The PhoneExpander will select all the apps by default, don’t worry, it will not delete your all apps itself. You can deselect the apps which don’t want to delete.

4. As a last step, you have to click the the Clear button and then temporary files will be deleted. After deleting the files the PhoneExpander will inform you about how much space you have freed up for your iPhone, iPod or iPad after deleting temporary files from all the apps and it does not take too much time to delete the temporary files.

• Take Backup and Delete unwanted Photos & Videos with PhoneExpander


Photos & Videos are probably the biggest reason for the low memory of your device as they take most amount of the storage. On the other hand some Photos & Videos can be very important for you and you might not want to delete them. Now you can take backup of these Photos & Videos before clearing. You can take Backup and Clear Photos & Videos with the PhoneExpander by following these steps.

1. Just click the “Clear Photos” button.

2. After clicking the “Clear Photos” button PhoneExpander will give you options to select from backup photos or videos, remove photos or videos or both. After selecting the desired option you can choose folder on your Mac for the backup of your photos and videos.

You can find a lot of other convenient ways to clean your iOS device storage but the PhoneExpander is our favorite of all of them. If we get the Windows version of PhoneExpander, it will add more value to the app. You can get this cool app here. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.