How to improve Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery life

How to improve Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery life

Recall the days when the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was unveiled, what a disappointment it was to hear about a reduced battery that is un-removable too. Being a member of Galaxy Note family with some heavy parts the Galaxy Note 5 was expected with equally heavy battery. But when the information was made official the Galaxy Note 5 was unveiled to carry reduced battery capacity as compared with the preceding Galaxy Note 4. Thus the first thing comes to the mind is about Galaxy Note 5 battery life.

This is quite arguable as a reduced battery is not a thing that smartphone users in general and a Phablet or Galaxy Note user in particular want to see. But when it comes to calculations in the real time, things don’t seem as disappointing as they are perceived to be. The 3000mAh is not the best but we can expect a pretty decent battery life with it. And the real decency comes when it is improved using the numerous options available.

How to improve Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery life

To help you out of disappointed Galaxy Note 5 battery life projections here we have summed up some of tricks that you can employee to get an improved Galaxy Note 5 battery life. Thus go through a few steps on your Galaxy Note 5 and it will turn into a device running without poor battery complains.

Control screen brightness

You might have been familiar with this exercise as Samsung devise and many others provide you to tweak brightness instead of setting it on auto detection. To improve Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery life, this option is made further helpful as you can let it on auto brightness but with a degree of control. You can set it how much it can change according to surrounding lights.

How to improve Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery life by controling the screen brightness

Thus with your Galaxy Note 5 the brightness will go down as its sensor receives lights but you can further reduce or increase it. If you find it bright enough on auto mode to read its screen than you can tune it down a little more. This will save Galaxy Note 5 battery life but keep the display bright that you can perform your operations easily in dark surroundings as well.

Set effective display settings

Galaxy Note 5 comes with AMOLED display penal that is well known for its power saving capabilities. However the type of display work perfectly over black background reducing power consumption but it is the opposite case with white screen. On white background the AMOLED display puts more power to visualize the screen. Thus always try to apply darker wallpaper or those with lesser white.

The display type is also less helpful when device is left with display always turned on. Even without power saving purpose it is always advised to put the display off or dim when not in use. And in case of the Galaxy Note 5 where you will have a big device with huge display such carelessness would cost heavily.

There is another option that you can use to save a chunk of battery powers. Go to accessibility options of your devices in setting menu and under vision option you will find Gray-scale. This allows you to turn your device’s screen to monochrome.

Go-grayscale to improve Galaxy Note 5 Battery life

Keep an eye on ‘Always allow scanning’ Wi-Fi option

While you are not trying to connect your Wi-Fi, you device keep searching for available connections by default. In the Galaxy Note 5 like others the devices keeps scanning even the Wi-Fi is turned off. And it is a true battery consuming point. While scanning networks your device consumes battery without your notice. If you find your device draining juice quickly or you want to take a forward step to prevent extra battery usage, go to Wi-Fi settings, and set the ‘Always allow scanning’ off.

Deal-with-that-sneaky-Wi-Fi-option to improve Galaxy Note 5 Battery life

Turning Smart stay off can help too

Smart Stay came to Samsung devices as an advanced feature that assists accessibility of on device. The Smart Stay helps keeping your screen active when you are looking at the screen by detecting your face. This is quite helpful feature but like many others it also consumes some extra battery juice. This is because of the use of front facing camera which pinged after each short interval to detect your glance. Thus if you are more concerned about the battery timing of your device you can effectively deal with the feature in setting menu.

Turn-off-Smart-stay to improve battery life of Galaxy Note 5

Use Power Saving Mode to improve the Galaxy Note 5 Battery life

You can enable the power saving mode from the Battery menu in the Galaxy Note 5. The power saving mode disables many of the features which drain the battery very quickly and are not neccessary for your device like vibration, touchkey lights and some other options. Although this can be a turn off for many because it kills the fun of the device but on the other hand the standby by time of Galaxy Note 5 improves by 10% with very little impact to the main functionality.

Galaxy Note 5 battery life can be improved dramatically by enabling the Power Saving mode

On the other hand, Galaxy Note 5 gives you an option to turn on the Power saving mode automatically when the battery charging reaches a certain point. This is really helpful that you can enjoy all the fun of your Galaxy Note 5 and when you need it most it will keep your phone charged! Also if you are trap in an emergency where there is no charging facility available easily, you can turn on the Ultra Power Saving mode which disables all the features except the main features like calling and messaging resulting in an extended battery life for your Note 5.

Fewer vibrations, no useless gestures

There are a number of alerts and moves where your devices have vibrations alert. This is helpful somewhere but the vibrations at all are among the key battery consuming areas. With no vibration or a fewer, you can notice your device battery timing improved.

turn off the Gestures to improve Galaxy Note 5 Battery life

Like vibrations there are also a number of motions and guessers which are equally battery consuming. Sneaking to the setting menu you can find ‘Motions and gestures’ where you can control a number of functions to save battery juice. Mostly these functions work in background with apps and are almost not essential, thus you can turn all of them off.

Adjust the Widgets refresh time

Your Galaxy Note 5 comes with different widgets to keep you informed about certain stuff regularly, like the Weather widget. Certainly you do not need the weather updates every then or now so you can extend the refresh time of such widgets to save the battery life and keep your Note 5 charged for the longer period of time.

Adjust the Widgets refresh time to keep your Galaxy Note 5 stary charged longer

Kill apps and functions with ‘Abnormal battery usage’ feature

There are several tricks to tickle down the unusual or unwanted battery consumption on your Galaxy Note 5. But what helps you the most is the native battery settings on the Note 5. You can judge the device’s battery consumptions and monitor the battery draining apps. In the Galaxy Note 5 you can find a really helpful section in the battery menu, called the ‘Abnormal battery usage.’ In this section you will find apps that are consuming battery abnormally. Here you can spot and kill the culprit apps draining your battery juice.

Kill apps and functions with 'Abnormal battery usage' feature on Galaxy Note 5

Use Fast Charging or Adaptive Charging Feature

The last and for many more supportive option is fast charging feature. Fast Charging is getting popular day by day and Samsung especially is promoting the fast charging feature more and more. Not only the Galaxy Note 5 comes with the box-in adaptive charger but you can use any charger which supports the Qualcomm Quick Charge feature. You can learn more about Fast Charging here. With fast charging you can boost your Galaxy Note 5 battery life considerablly in just 30 minutes.


How much your battery is charged when it show cent percent, depends on means you use to charge it. This is quite logical that various standard devices offer their own charging accessories and advise you to charge the device with proper charger. When it comes to Galaxy Note 5 we find Samsungs dedicated Fast Charging. While using fast charging the performance is quite improved when used with electric outlet than a USB port. By using the fast charge appropriately your device will get actually charged no matter how quick it is.

These are just a few tips which can help you enjoy using your Galaxy Note 5 for a longer time without recharging it. With just a few smart steps you can make your Note 5 a convenient device that will run longer with even a smaller battery than its predecessor and improve the Galaxy Note 5 battery life a lot.

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